Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Wargaming Borodino 2012 (2)

Russian Production Line— “this fella paints well”
Most of the figures in the photographs featured on this blog were painted by Mark. This is entirely the case with the Russians.

On the weekend I visited his ‘workshop’ and took some photos of his “production line” of, mainly, Russian units in readiness for our big game in September.
Despite my average photography, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that “this fella paints well”!
Stage 1: undercoat and base coat (Strelets grenadiers and Zvezda cuirassiers)

Another view of stage 1

Stage 2: fully painted, awaiting touch-up (Hät grenadiers)

Stage 2: Zvezda cuirassiers and Hät grenadiers, plus an Italeri casualty as a marker

Stage 3: completed, ready for flocking (Hä Cossacks and grenadiers, plus another Italeri casualty)

Stage 3: showing the flag (hand-painted)

Stage 4: Cossacks ready for action!

Stage 4: close-up of standard-bearer, Platov and Uvarov

Yep, that is hand-painted too!

Stage 4: Russian hussars (Zvezda figures)

Stage 4: Russian cuirassiers (Zvezda), hussars (Strelets and Zvezda) and a few grenadiers, plus a unit of Bavarian chevau-légers (Hät)

Stage 4: Another view, showing the grenadier flag.

Stage 4: Bavarians and Württembergers (all Hät)

Stage 4: another view, showing more of the Württembergers

Stage 4: once again; note commander is a converted Hät Russian dragoon

Stage 4: Württemberg horse artillery limber (Hät French limber and Russian dragoon)


  1. A lot of lovely figures!

  2. Merci Phil. Je vais dire à Mark!

  3. Obrigado Vitor. Eu passarei sobre seus comentários à marca. (This was translated by computer, so I hope it is okay?)

  4. really nice ! Can you tell me what base sizes you use and rules please. Thanks

  5. really nice ! Can you tell me what base sizes you use and rules please. Thanks

    1. Thanks for that Sedgemoor. If you have not seen it you may also like to read the full report of our Borodino game on another page of this blog:

      We use the Shako rules, primarily the original version, with some parts from Shako II and some of our own edits and creations. The Shako rules are reviewed on this blog (see the tab called "Evaluating Rules" at the top of the blog).

      In Shako troops are organised into 'units' which generally represent a battalion or regiment of infantry, regiment of cavalry and battery of guns. As such the basing is not critical, provided both sides are the same, or very nearly so.

      The suggested sizes for Shako are:

      • infantry: 17 mm frontage per figure by 25 mm depth, based as three figures on a 50 mm by 25 mm base--six bases for a 'standard unit' (usually battalion);
      • cavalry: 21 mm frontage per figure by 50 mm depth, based mainly in threes, with some as twos--12 figures for a 'standard unit' (usually regiment);
      artillery: 60 mm by as needed (50 mm+) for 1 gun model and 4 or 5 artillerists representing a 'battery'.