Links: Wargaming Clubs, Militaria plus more

Below are some links to internet sites and blogs by clubs and collectors, plus a few commercial sites, that are entirely or largely related to the Napoleonic period.

We will expand the list over time. Please contact us if you have a site or blog that you think would be of interest.

Militaria and Collections

Yves Casa's blog displaying his wonderful collection of swords and sabres from the Napoleonic period.

Napoleonic History (and some other epochs too)
The International Napoleonic Society, founded by Ben Weider who sadly passed away in October 2010 and dedicated to the study of Napoleon, the period and his legacy., a first port of call for anyone interested in the period.
The Napoleon series; ditto above.
History of the Peninsular War featuring detailed descriptions of the campaigns and battles, both major and minor. A fabulous source for wargames scenarios.

The site of the Imperial Guard band based in Dijon. History, sample music and pictures (in French & English).

Virtual Arc de Triomphe, a site inspired by the famous arch in Paris featuring "biographies of French generals, explanations of battles, maps of battles, and detailed information on the lives and battles of Napoleon Bonaparte and his generals".
An historical-tourism site following the Emperor's route from Golfe Juan to Paris.

Campaigns of the French army from 1700 to the present day (in French).
Blog dedicated to Napoleon's first campaign in Italy, 1796-97.

Orders of Battle, Flags and Uniforms
Complete collection of the orders of battle from George Nafziger; free.

Complete collection of Knoetel's prints; free (in German).
Ready to print sheets of flags for wargaming figures with details on how to adjusted them for various scales.

The miniatures page, web magazine and useful discussion board.
A history of the uniforms of nations allied to the French 1804–1814.
A growing catalogue of the uniforms of the 100-days campaign. Expanding to include every uniform, every formation, every nation.
Figure manufacturer provides this extensive, free source of information about uniforms, with a strong focus on the Napoleonic period.

A site with loads of great information on the Napoleonic wars including summaries of battles, detailed information on uniforms and flags (in French).
Another site with loads of great information on the Napoleonic wars (in French).

Painting, Diorama and Modelling

More modelling than wargaming. Richard's blog of "works-in-progress from my mainly 1/72 (20mm) and 25mm (28mm) toy projects as well as other hobby-related bits and pieces".

blog de curro
A professional blog of lovely historical dioramas.

Der Kleine Soldat
As the name suggests, Shad Schoenke's blog is about modelling and diorama building in 1/72nd scale.

Fog' s Soldiers blog
Fog' s Soldiers is a professional miniature painting service... in this blog you' ll be able to find example of our painting work, news on our preferred games and painting guides".

Geschichte in Miniaturen_diorama of 1813
Three beautiful dioramas of sections of the Battle of Leipzig—Cröbern, Möckern and Auenhain— in 1/72nd scale. A wonderful website detailing the research, production and resulting dioramas.

History in 1/72
A group of enthusiast, mostly from Germany, who create dioramas of historical battles in 1/72nd scale.

Laughing Ferret
Creating custom miniatures art and projects around the globe.

Blog reporting progress on Sander's diorama of the Battle of Salamanca, 22nd July of 1812.

Paul´s Bods
Paul's painting, converting and modelling 1/72nd 'bods'.

Quindia Studios
Blog and website of professional artist Clarence Harrison's


Histoire and Collections, publishers of some of my favourite books (in French & English).

Another favourite publisher of ours. Large and ever-expanding range of books and DVDs of all things military history. A BIG range of Napoleonic titles. See our book review pages for reviews of a few of them.

Napoleonic Association

Wargames Clubs

Napoleonic Wargaming Society
Perth's premier figure-wargaming club. Also on blogger.

Histoire et Sortilèges
The site of the French wargaming, role-playing and board gaming club.

A French wargaming club in Floirac, Bordeaux, France

NapNuts Singapore Wargames Club
Historical miniature wargamers based in Singapore and authors of some great free rules.

Nunawading Wargames Association
Wargames club in Melbourne, "for those who enjoy wargaming socially with miniatures, strategy games and role playing games".

Serpentine War Game Club
Like us, a wargame club in rural Western Australia, Albany in their case, who use 1/72nd scale figures.

Wargames Figures
(Focus on 1/72nd Napoleonics, chiefly plastic)

A UK based company producing a small range of figures in 1/72 (and 1/32) scale. Nicely moulded, but tend to be smaller than most other manufacturers.

The information here records that "British company set up in the late  Eighties. The moulds of these sets were passed on to Revell and I believe are now owned by Imex"

The original and still some of our favourite figures. They no longer produce their Napoleonic range, although these are available from other manufacturers such as Hät, Mars

Beautifully cast 1/72nd scale metal figurines.

Eskice Miniatures; 6 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm figures for most periods.

A prolific manufacturer with the most extensive range of plastic figures. Large range of Napoleonics of ALL nations.

Small range with some new releases of Peninsular War figures due soon.

A useful range of sets for several of the major nations of the Napoleonic Wars. Comprise re-moulded Esci figures plus completely new sets. Sadly have not released a new set in some time.

Produce a few specialist sets but only one, unfortunately, full set of wargame figures—French cuirassiers

A small range of Napoleonics (plus other periods) comprising sets that fill gaps left by other manufacturers and re-releases of Airfix, Esci and Revell sets.

Metal figures in true 1/72nd scale. Reasonably priced and ideal to fill any gaps amongst those not available in plastic.

The Plastic Pelisse
A blog and fabulous resource for wargamers and modellers who use 1/72nd/20 mm figures, featuring images comparing various metal ranges to plastic ranges for similar subjects. 

Review of all 1/72nd kits. Great to check before you buy; one of our favourites.

Some great sets, but only a small range and the Napoleonics are largely out of production.

Produces excellent, animated, 'chunky' figures. Not to everyone's liking, but a favourite of ours. Their early French carabiniers is one of my favourite sets.

Waterloo 1815
A small range of excellent sets filling gaps left by other manufacturers.

A French manufacturer with a small range of figures and some interesting 'extras', such as casualties.

Classic style figures and some of the finest castings in 1/72nd plastic. Unfortunately they seem to be moving from full boxes in favour of their small 'art of tactic' sets.

Wargaming in General

A great French wargaming site; doesn't appear on many links in English-speaking countries.

A site dedicated to wargaming in 1/300th scale.
Larry Leadhead; a light-hearted look at the hobby.

Wargames Rules

Keywords: wargames rules free, need we say more?

Legio Wargames
Blog and on-line shop of Simon MacDowall, a wargamer who wrote his own rules and now sells them commercially.