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Wargames Blogs & Websites

We'll add links to all of the wargaming blogs that we can find. This will never be the definitive list, but we'd like to link to as many others in the wargaming "community" as possible. How long will this list get?!

(in alphabetical order)

10mm Napoleonics
Karim's blog of wargames on a grand scale using 10 mm figures.

10mm Patriotic War
Lentulus's blog showcasing 10mm WWII miniatures.

1000 Foot General
This 1000-foot general is John from Maryland whose wide-range of wargaming interests are presented on his blog.

15mm Madness
Steve O'C's blog of his projects with 15 mm figures, particularly Napoleonics.

15mm paint shack
Blog about painting wargames figures from Galpy, a wargamer from New Zealand. Some brilliant example posted here.

1/72 Scale Plastic Napoleonic Figures
Justin from Denmark has compiled this website featuring 1/72 scale plastic figures representing the armies which took part in the Napoleonic Wars.

Steve O'C's blog dedicated to "grand tactical scale wargaming with 1/600 pico-armour".

20th Century Wargames
Al from the South Island of New Zealand's blog of "wargaming with mostly 1/72 scale plastic miniatures".

20mm and then some....
Gunbird is a man from Tilburg, Noord Brabant, Netherlands "trying to fight his Ooh! Shiney! addiction while painting armies at the same time".

20mm Nostalgic Revival
Old John's blog showing figures and wargames in the 'king of scales' 1/72nd!

28mm Victorian Warfare
Truth in naming here; that's exactly what it is about!

6mm Chicago Wargaming
Kronos' "account of my painting process of 6mm Napoleonics, Seven Years, ACW, ECW, Ancients, and Epic 40k"

Across the Table
Tales of misadventure in "The Wargames Room".

Adventures In Lead
This blog is predominantly about "a campaign set in exotic "Indostan", a distant land bearing remarkable similarities to 18th century India during the Seven Years War", with a few other periods thrown in from time to time.

The Airfix American Civil War Project
Matt's blog of his project wargaming the American Civil War in HO OO Scale, "an "authentic" recreation of the war using Airfix figures, rules and articles."

Analogue Hobbies
Curt's blog of games, figures, reviews and muses regarding our great hobby.

A Napoleonic therapy project
Lee's wonderful blog relating the best of all therapies: collecting and painting figures and generating wargames. The quality of his painting of 6 mm figures is something to behold.

Anatoli's Game Room
From Skåne, Sweden comes Anatoli's blog about his wide-ranging wargaming and modelling interests.

An Average Wargamer
Thomas from Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany has been playing wargames since 2002. He began with Warhammer Fantasy, but soon shifted to historical wargaming and now only does the "real" stuff! Favourite era antiquity, especially Hellenistic and classical Greece but also likes WWII. One and only scale is 1/72 or 20mm.

Ancient Miniatures
Ernie from Denmark's blog, in English, about painting, wargaming and collecting 1/72 ancient figures.

The Anderson Collection
Willie Anderson's blog about collecting wargames figures and turning them into wonderful dioramas.

andygamer's Photostream: Flickr
As the name suggests: Andygamers collection of photos of some great looking wargames involving himself and fellow Canadians.

Andys Armies
Andy Tucker's tabletop wargaming with miniature armies.

The Angry Lurker
A blog describing 'Angry Lurker's' blog mostly about wargaming, but with a few other eclectic posts in true Irish style!

Anything but a One
Clint's blog about "making terrain, painting figures, playing games and moaning about dice!"

Archduke Piccolo
Archduke Piccolo, a wargamer for some 35 years from Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand has this blog reporting on some of his excellent wargaming activities.

Are we not men?
Blog of the wargaming modeller darkbirk, born in Sweden, but who "now lives and works in Berlin, Germany".

Association - Les Riflemen
The blog of the wargames club of Bourg en Bresse, France, run by the inimitable Phil R. Phil's animations of the photos that he posts are a brilliant feature!

L'Atelier des Portes d'argent
The Apa is "a project about historical wargaming including painting and conversion of figures, production of terrain and historical illustrations". While they have moved from the rue des portes d'argent, they have still retained their eponymous title!

Australian Napoleonic Kriegspielers
A blog full of photos and accounts of some great games, or plans for games; including Borodino 2012 in 1:20 scale!

Aut Caesar, Aut Nihil
Robbie Rodiss' blog dedicated to collecting, painting and wargaming with the army of Cesare Borgia, inspired by the television series, The Borgis.

Back to the minis
Sebastosfig of Paris' blog about painting and gaming with miniatures. (en Français and English)

Baconfat Log
Baconfat's blog of "piles of lead, cyanoacrylate and toxic paint"!

Badajoz 1811-1812
From Spain, a great blog dedicated to Badajoz during the Guerra de la Independencia española.

Band of Wargame Brothers
John's blog regarding the wargaming exploits of the brothers from Sydney, "what started out as a group of 2-3 mates playing games once a week now has the makings of a platoon!" Many periods,  15 mm and 28 mm.

This blog is about "my adventures in recreating the great battles of history (and fantasy) through the noble hobby of wargaming. Read on to learn of the exploits of my brave lead men."

Batalhas Napoleonicas
Vitor Manuel Mestre's blog dedicated to wargaming the Peninsular War (in Portugese).

Battle Game of the Month
Ross Mac's blog chronicling his wargames based on Charles Grant's Table Top Teasers from Battlegames Magazine.

Battle of Ramillies
Wargaming the War of the Spanish Succession

Bellulula: Teensy Weensy Wars
Felix Fox's "chronicle of dice and paint".

Ben's Soldiers
Ben B's likes to "buy, collect, assemble, paint, and play with model figures, terrain, and vehicles and accessories... favorite periods are: Napoleonic, Ultra-Modern, WW2, RCW, and ACW".

BigLee's Miniature Adventures
Lee Hadley's blog dedicated to his "passion for miniatures painting, wargaming, roleplaying games, board games and all things military history".

Simon Miller's ancients blog (see My Very Own Spanish Ulcer).

Blenheim to Berlin
Bill from  Livingston, Scotland's blog of his "wargaming the period from 1704 to 1945".

Blogs of War
"A list of 1340 wargames blogs - any period, any scale. Use the 'search the blogs' facility if you are looking for something in particular..." For some reason, it does not include the Avon Napoleonic Fellowship, despited attempts to add it—strange? If you are reading this, please rectify this "problem"!

The Blog With No Name
Ian's blog covering a wide range of wargaming periods and topics.

Peter A's great blog, dedicated to miniature wargaming, particularly the 1809 campaign (one of the ANF's favourite campaigns, by the way!).

Bob's Miniature Wargaming Blog
Bob's blog is about "miniature wargaming in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada", being a blog for the Edmonton Wargame Group.

Borodino 1812-2012
From Italy, Lucca's blog about his reconstruction of the Battle of Borodino, which he has scheduled for October 2012.

Brother Against Brother
Brotherly wargames; American Civil War, American War of Independence and others.

Brummie's Wargaming Blog
Simon Quinton started his blog in 2011 when he got back into the hobby.

Brushes and Bases
A blog of painting and wargaming Ancients and Dark Ages, "several skirmish games and a few surprises here and there".

Bunker Hill
Modelling, Painting and Wargaming historical themes with Christopher (aka Axebreaker)

Bunker Talk
Mike the 'bunkermeister' has a wide-ranging blog covering historical miniature wargaming, military history, terrain, figures (military miniatures & toy soldiers) and vehicles.

Butterfly Gaming
The interests of Nigel J and his group of wargaming friends "does tend to 'flutter'  between periods, hence the blog name.  Currently en vogue is  28mm WW2 with a twist".

By the Emperors Command
Peter Cross from Brisbane's wargaming blog. "Napoleonics is my passion, though I am just as keen about the Imperial Roman era and have dabbled into SYW. ... My current projects are the 1814 Camapign for France and revisiting my Romans after our latest trip to UK / Hadrains Wall country."

Caliban from Glasgow, Scotland has "been gaming since school, moving from historical figures gaming through role playing and back again... The plan is to showcase various goings-on in my gaming life and keep it updated as much as I possibly can, barring work and real life".

Cameronian Only a (War)Game
Cameronian's blog "recording my somewhat eclectic and eccentric delving into this wonderful hobby."

A blog to showcase my collection of Early 16th Century Wargames Figures.

Campaign of Nations
MurdocK's blog for the campaign for the 1813 campaign that he is running for the bicentennial in 2013.

18th. Century diplomacy, campaigns, battles, intrigues, story-telling and more using historical military miniatures, model terrain and the imagination.

Campaigns in Iberia
Blog dedicated to the Peninsular War 1808–14.

Canister & Grape
Millsy's blog about "a bunch of disreputable individuals [based in Winmalee, NSW, Australia—Blue Mountains, west of Sydney] with nothing better to do on a Friday night than get together and play wargames"!

Captain Richard's Miniature Civil War
Modelling rather than wargaming, but some great looking figures here.

Castles of Tin
Corporal Trim's blog "wherein I indulge my fondness for wargaming miniatures".

Centre d'etudes Napoléoniennes - Berezina 2012 | Facebook
Page of the French association Centre d'etudes Napoleoniennes, "prepared for the bicentenary of the Berezina crossing by the Napoleonic Army".

Mark from New Zealand's blog showing pictures of some of his Napoleonic figures; and beauties they are too!

Chuck's Napoleonic Wargames
Chuck is interested in "pretty much all things 19th Century" and his wargaming interests span from "Napoleonics all the way up to the late 1890s".

Cigar Box Heroes
Cigar Box Heroes, Cory from Franklin, Tennessee's blog about historical wargaming, particularly "the AWI, SYW, Nap and ACW periods".

Clash of Empires
Iannick Martin's great site and blog dedicated to Napoleonic wargaming with some fabulous photos of his 25-28 mm collection.

Classic wargaming
Phil Olley's blog about wargaming with classic, toy soldier-style figures.

The blog of the wargames club Shakko, a 25-year old club that plays historical (middle ages to present day) and fantasy (Warhammer 40 000, Warhammer Battle , Lord of the rings...) games (en Français).

collect and paint figures 1:72
As the title suggests, Contan from Germany collects and paints 1/72nd figures and displays them here for our enjoyment!

Colonial Wargaming
Bob Cordery's blog about colonial wargaming; see his other blogs Interbellum and Wargaming Miscellany)

The Command Tent
History graduate Dan who has "a life long love for military history... most of my hobbies in some fashion relate to military history... Lately I have begun to explore the world of wargaming with miniatures".

Confused Hobbyist
28mm Wargaming, 15mm FoW, and Model Railroading blog.

Cor blog me!
Wargames blog of Arjun, Wahj and Martin

Craig's Wargaming Blog
Craig's reports of wargames, modelling and painting projects.

Dartfrog's Adventures in 6mm
As the name suggests, Dartfrog's blog about wargaming in 6mm.

David's Wargame Retreat
David, aka Maxshadow's wargame blog.

Au delà du Brandevin
Renaud's blog "dedicated to games with figurines—figurines and model making" (en Français).

De Rohan à Turenne
A blog of "The Thirty Years' War and the Art of War in the XVIIth century" (en Français).

Der Alte Fritz Journal
A blog focussing on wargaming the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748) and the Seven Years War (1756-1763).

Despatches from Syldavia
Blog about the "18th century Imagi-Nations campaign set in the fictitious nations of Syldavia and Borduria, my variations on a theme of Hergé".

Devon Wargames Group
Blog of the Devon Wargames Group based in Whipton Exeter, UK.

A beaut blog compiled by the DHC Wargames Club.

Diary of a Gaming Magpie
Phyllion's blog about wargaming, miniature painting, board gaming and other musings.

The Dice Warrior
A blog by Markus from Duisburg, Germany whose "main interest lies with 20mm or 1/72 soldiers" He wargames many periods in this scale.

Din of Battle
Blog of the Charlotte Garrison wargaming club in North Carolina.

Doc's 'Art' of War
Doc's blog about his figure collecting & painting, wargaming and activities as an amateur military historian.

Le dojo d'Hamstersamourai
Hamster, who began wargaming at 16 years with Warhammer and has continued since then "to play and to push pieces of plastics or metals always with good humour" (en Français).

Don't throw a 1
Ray's blog about wargaming and related items across a range of periods.

Dots of Paint
Doug H's story sounds familiar to many, I am sure: "now 50 plus (how the heck did that happen?!) A Wargamer for some 4 decades. Actually an obsessed, can't go without a day, always thinking about, rather spend the grocery money on a new army, paying a big mortgage just to have a large table, have 17 file boxes full of old wargaming magazines, kind of miniatures wargamer."

Dressing the Lines
Blog of Roly, a founding member of the Kapiti Fusiliers Historic Gaming Club in Paraparaumu, New Zealand.

Duchy of Grolstein
An imaginary nation set in historical time circa 1756. See his other blogs Lead GardensEmperor vs Elector and Königreich der Bleiherzen.

Duchy of Lagerburg-Slobbovia
Wargames involving a fictitious 18th-century European nation-state.

Dust Australis
As Scott from Nambour, Queensland, Australia explains, Dust is WWII "taken further and to include walkers, zombies, gorillas and massive tanks" (see also wab ramblings).

Dust, Tears & Dice
Stuart S, "a regular member of The Wyvern Wargamers, formerly The Evesham Wargames Club drawing gamers from Worcester, Redditch, Kidderminster, Cheltenham and Stratford".

Elder's Wargaming Blog
Eric Elder from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States has "been interested in historical wargaming since I was 13 years old. I have always been interested in military history and military model making".

The Emperor's Own
Scott's "wargame projects from the land of ice and snow". Many photos of his wonderful painting.

Emperor vs Elector
A "genial location for imaginary nations of the Eighteenth Century to carry out diplomatic affairs" (see also Duchy of GrolsteinLead Gardens and Königreich der Bleiherzen).

Fawcett Avenue Conscripts
Blog of the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts, "a group of table-top wargamers who get together every Thursday night to enjoy some gaming, some beer and a few chuckles courtesy of our hobby".

Federation of Bodstonia
The Lord Protector's blog about the fictious land of Bodstonia, "a land situated in the mid 18th century where men wear tricorns and the women wear a smile".

Fencing Frog
Blog of Adam Carriere; wargamer and Revolutionary War re-enactor.

Feodalfig Blog
Feodalfig's "small blog about historical wargaming" (en Français).

Fidus et Audax
Tim's "irregularly updated blog about painting miniatures, mainly, but far from exclusively, 1/72 historical".

A fabulous blog about the hobby of tabletop strategy games with miniature figures on landscaped play areas, in all its diversity; painted figures, operating model, terrain pieces, books, photographs, maps, world travels, museums... (auf Deutsch).

les figurines de Spock
Spock of Bourges, France's blog displaying his wonderful miniatures (en Français).

Les figs de Frantz
Frantz's blog dedicated to his "passion of historic and fantasy wargaming with miniatures" (en Français).

Fine and Dandy
The blog of Drum Major Bluewillow of the Goulburn Valiant Stormers.

First Bull Run | The Manassas Campaign, Virginia, July 21, 1861
Jonathan Soffe's wonderful blog dedicated to the first campaign of the American Civil War; detailed army lists, unit descriptions, uniforms and links to source materials.

Joe F's wargaming blog about "tales of insignificance told with flagging celerity concerning people and events obviously imaginary"!

For Honour's Sake
Chasseur's blog "dedicated to Solo War Gaming,Naval,Colonial,1812, and other imaginary aspects of war gaming".

les foudres de l'aigle
Blog of "about 28 mm Naploeonic figures, making dioramas and conducting wargames with 1/72nd scale figurines" (en Français).

Blog of whimsical "Frankfurter Wars" between imagi-nations of the Empire and Elector using Koenig Krieg and Battles of the Ancien Regime rules.

French Revolutionary Wargames Blog 1793-1802: Low Countries Wargame c1793
Blog recording miniature wargames of members of the Society of King George the Third focussing on games set in the latter half the the 18th century (Revolution and early Napoleonic eras).

The Gamer's Table
"Yet another blog about wargaming. Flames of War, Saga and other table top games", this one from three Kiwi wargamers.

Gaming with TooFatLardies
Anibal Invictus, an experienced wargamer from Spain is now a "fan of the TooFatLardies rules sets since a first encounter in 2008, I regularly play the WWI, WWII and Vietnam periods".

As the name suggests, a blog about games in Noel's garage!

Gavin's Wargaming Blog
Gavin's blog of games across scales (6 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 28 mm) and periods (ancient to modern).

"Wargaming the Great War along the Italian front, 1917"

Gods Own Scale
Sean Clark's "wargaming blog dedicated to all things 6mm".

Gowan's 1/72scale projects and crazy ideas
Gowan's blog is "designed to give the viewer more to do than just read, look and comment. I have made it so that you can comment and help me with my projects and influence and help realize my ideas. Do not be shy come on and help me create a mini world."

El Granadero Loco
A blog "to post wargame ideas and news".

.Grand Scale Wargaming.
Bishop Lord's "blog about wargaming in the 6 mm and 10 mm scales... reviews, battle reports, interviews and much more".

Grimsby Wargaming
Grimsby Mariner of the Grimsby Wargames Society runs this blog about the activities of the group.

Großbeeren 1813
Schrumpfkopf from Berlin, Germany's blog dedicated to the Prussian Army in the autumn of 1813.

Les Grognards "Napoleonic Military History"
A blog that "is the culmination of a lifelong passion for the Napoleonic era... history, uniforms, & wargaming".

A blog dedicated to the bicentennial of the War of Independence 1808–1814 (The Peninsular War).

Gunfreaks Apartment of war
'Gunfreak' of Oslo Norway a relatively recent convert to the hobby who paints wonderful figures and wargames in 6 mm, 15 mm, 28 mm and 40 mm.

Gunners wargaming
Dan's blog following "all matters military modelling, figure painting and any other related hobby".

Henry's Wargaming
Blog of Henry Hyde, Editor of Battlegames magazine.

Henry's wargames and strange tat
Henry's wargaming blog focussed broadly on science fiction and fantasy gaming, with a bit of WW2, Wild West and Pirates thrown in.

Here's no great matter
Blog from a Kiwi teacher of English living in Japan, primarily dedicated to wargaming.

Hetairoi Wargames
A seriously detailed site for wargamers of the ancient era.

Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargame Figures
A wonderful, colourful blog dedicated to "recreating a 1970s wargame army using 20 mm vintage figures". Plenty of beaut photos of the miniatures.

The Hinton Hunter
Vintage wargaming's blog cataloguing Hinton Hunt wargames figures, complete with a photo for each, where possible.

History of Wargaming Project
John Curry's History of Wargaming Project "aims to make available a library of hobby and professional wargames available from one place. It currently includes books from Donald Featherstone, Charlie Wesencraft, Peter Perla, Phil Dunn, Phil Barker, Charles Grant, Stuart Asquith, Terry Wise, etc. It also includes professional wargaming rules such as Dunn Kempf (American Army) and the 1956 British Army Wargame".

House of Paincakes
Von reckons that his blog "is here for the rest of us, or for all of us, at any rate for those that want gaming content without feeling the need to tow the line and self-edit".

Surprisingly not a blog about Napoleonic Russians, or any Russians, but rather Ed and Ray's "new miniature wargaming project: the American Civil War in 28mm".

il Desto Fante
Wargaming blog of Desto Fante of Chicago Illinois.

Ilkley Old School
A blog from "one of the founding members of the Ilkley Lads wargaming group".

I LIKE the things I LIKE!
Scott's "occasional postings of things I like that folks may like as well. History, toy soldiers, some politics, beautiful ladies past and present".

I Live with Cats
Wargamer and ailurophile David Sullivan of Lynnwood, WA, United States—I think only the bipedal one is involved in the wargames though!

The Independent Wargames Group
Blog of "very independent wargaming group based in the North East of England. [not a group,but certainly independent]"!

Bob Cordery's "imago-nations and imaginary wars set in the 1920s, 1930s and & 1940s".

+ In the hall of the plastic king +
A blog about building a 28mm Feudal English Army using only plastic miniatures.

iron mitten
Centurion Secundus, aka Simon, has "been collecting and painting lead miniatures for over twenty years and it has grown into something resembling obsession... I have three main areas of interest at the moment, American civil war, Napleonic and Roman".

Itinerant Wargamer
Christot's blog specialising in big games with big numbers of big 28 mm Napoleonic figures!

Jak to na wojence
How is the little war ... Military history, colour and weapon models. (w języku polskim).

Jay's Miniature Enterprises
Jay from southern California, United States, a solo gamer who focusses on games in 15 mm, mainly WWII in Europe and Pulp/Science Fiction.

Jay's Wargaming Madness
Jay White of Fremont, California, United States has put together this excellent blog.

Jen & Ben's wargaming figures
Victorious Secret's blog of painting figures of various scales.

Jim's Wargames Workbench
Jim the blogger has "upwards of 100 projects in various stages of incompletion and/or abandonment, so I'm sure you'll find something to interest you. This year I'm planning to paint 'things' rather than figures, in a cunning but futile attempt to actually finish something".

JJ's Wargames
Jonathan Jones from Devon has been wargaming since he was 13 so he has a few "thoughts and ideas about my passion - Wargaming"!

Joy and Forgetfulness
Conrad Kinch's blog where he "will indulge my habit of rambling about my hobby without boring either my friends or my wife".

Junkyard Planet
Norman's wargaming blog; a wide range of scales and periods (plus fantasy).

Kampfgruppe Engel
Engel from Växjö, Sweden mainly focusses on "...historical miniature gaming but with some trips in to the land of fantasy or sci-fi".

John Chisholm's great blog from a group that specialises in running big, historical Napoleonic games.

Kevs wargames Cabin
Kev from  Sheffield, United Kingdom claims to be "the worst dice roller in history": if true he makes up for it with his painting and sculpting!

Königreich der Bleiherzen
Another of Little John's blogs: see also Duchy of GrolsteinLead Gardens and Emperor vs Elector.

Blog of Thomas Kinstler of the HAHGS (Hartford Area Historical Gaming Society).

Christophe, a member of the Association Les Riflemen, posts mainly photos of some of his marvellous 15 mm figures from numerous periods.

La Belle Alliance
Matt and Colin from NSW Australia have this blog dedicated to recreating the Battle of Waterloo for the bicentennial.

Land War in Asia
A record of Donogh McCarthy's "various wargaming exploits".

Lazylimey's Wargaming Place
Lazylimey's blog presenting the results of "45 years of hoarding metal and not enough painting... a site dedicated to vintage 20/25mm wargame figures".

Lead Addict
Lead Addict of Missouri, United States' blog of wargaming and miniatures.

Lead Gardens
Little John from Blacksburg Virginia has this blog about "my mad, life-long fascination with historical miniature wargaming, the worlds most noble hobby!" (see also Duchy of GrolsteinEmperor vs Elector and Königreich der Bleiherzen).

Lead Warrior
David keeps it simple: "I just enjoy wargaming. Simple as that".

The League of Augsburg
Blog of Barry Hilton and "a super bunch of mates who share my enthusiasm and are great fun to enjoy the hobby with... we want our enthusiasm to rub off on gamers who are new to the period [1670–1720] as well as share and learn with all of you fellow obsessionals out there".

Learning by doing
Thomas Nissvik's blog mainly about WWII wargaming, but also some other periods.

Legatus' Wargames Armies
Legatus' blog of all things wargaming, including his 'wargaming ladies'!

Grognard's blog featuring mainly Napoleonic and Middle Earth games.

Light Bobs and Paint Blobs
Jason's "never ending battle to paint and play".

The Leutnants Diary
Blog of Lt Hazel "a wargamer, terrain maker and painter" from Bielefeld, Germany whose "favourite scale is 28mm, mostly historicals with a preference for any kind of civil war"... he doesn't know why!

The Life and Times of a Wargames Butterfly
Mike Hobbs' website of how "I learned to stop worrying and accepted that I'll never finish painting my figures"!

Little Lead Heroes
"Andy's Mostly Miniature Wargaming Blog".

Little Tin Men
Fellow Aussie wargamer Ben Fiene from Ourimbah, NSW has put together "yet another blog about painting and gaming miniature wargames figurines" in his words; but it is far more than that.

Lokis Great Hall
Andrew (Loki)'s "wargaming related blogging and nonsense from a megalomanic".

Lonely Gamers
Nathan Vinson's blog showcasing games "played not at a club but in the back yard shed or in the dinning rooms of gamers from small towns like Singleton, NSW and Townsville, QLD Australia"

Lord Ashram's House of War
The blog of Lord Ashram, "avid wargamer and painter... showing some of my wargames collections".

MacPhee's Miniature Men
Scott MacPhee's blog of "miniature reviews, painting tips, photos of works in progress, and photos of finished units... (plus) pictures of games I'm playing".

The Mad Padre's Wargames Page
Michael Peterson's blog of "guiness, toy soldiers and good friends"!

Mad Tin Hatter!
Haling from Lanark, Scotland, the "Mad Tin Hatter" is a roleplayer, modeller and gamer who is "currently collecting a British Army force composed of the 51st HD and 144RAC".

Marauder Moments
"The chronicles of a hapless handful of west country wargamers".

Megablitz and more
Tim Gow's blog mainly dedicated to 'operational' level wargames of WWII and post-war conflicts, also "dabbling" in earlier periods.

Mike's Wargame Blog
Mike from Bloomington, Illinois' blog of wargaming projects, games and ideas.

Military Miniatures
Carlo Antonio's blog of modelling and wargaming 1/72nd scale figures with Zvezda's Art of Tactic system.

Miniature Insurrection
David B from Vancouver, BC, Canada mainly wargames science fiction and fantasy, with occasional forays into historical games, including Napoleonics!

Miniatures & Terrain
Thanos' blog about his ways to "come up with a series of ways of building, modelling and painting fast (but not hastily), to create the worlds I was seeing in history books since I was little."

The Miniatures Man
"A blog about gaming with miniatures... and history, SF, fantasy and more."

Blog of Alfons Cànovas, who has been interested in military miniatures since his 40s (en Español).

The Minstrel Boy
Blog of Grenzer John of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

Mitch's Wargaming and Modelmaking
Mitch K's "experiences on wargaming and model making... If I have a "theme" to my working practices, it's being cheap! I hate spending money more than I absolutely have to, and I'm a great one for picking up what I can to make stuff from".

Modus Reg Magni Momenti
Blog of Sander, "painter of historical and fantasy miniatures for tabletop wargaming.

Moiterei's bunte Welt
Wargamer and hobbymaker: mainly historical, some sci-fi and pulp fiction.

The Monkey that Walks
'Fire Monkey Boy' has "been painting and playing minature games, in one form or another, for going on twenty years". His blog about his wide-ranging wargaming interests.

Monsieur le Rosbif
A great blog from a fellow Australian Napoleonic wargamer and 1/72nd enthusiast!

Mr Farrow, Jack and Amy's adventures with all things "De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) & all it's add ons".

much ado about nothing
Dave Hoyt's blog of wargames of periods various, mainly in 28 mm.

MurdocK's MarauderS
Murdock from Vancouver Island, BC's "exposition of the hobby of tabletop gaming".

My Blog
LEKW, self-professed "loyal subject of the First Elector of Lavotia rightfull King of the Gangors and lover of all things French" presents his blog.

My Little Armies
Steven Uy from Hawaii who "just like[s] playing [war]games, I do play other games just have no focus. :-)".

my little napoleonic heaven
Blog of Mark Sing Gen from Canada, "self taught painter, wargamer, and Napoleonic Nut".

My Napoleon Obsession
Carmi's blog about her 20-year obsession with all things Napoleon.

My Very Own Spanish Ulcer
Simon Miller's "blog about the Napoleonic miniatures I'm painting, when I should be really painting ancients instead..."!

Simon Lee of Thames Valley Wargamers, Bourne End Buckinghamshire "a group of people who share a passion for miniature wargaming... from all periods of all scales using both commercially published rules as well as home grown rulesets with the emphasis on simplicity and fun".

The Nameless Blog
The blog of John, shall remain nameless.

A blog of a group of relatively recent entrants to Napoleonic wargaming, converts from fantasy gaming, from the Czech Republic who have written their own rules in the Czech language.

Napoleonic Adventures
Second-time around wargamer Ken describes this as "yet another blog of one man's fascination with the Napoleonic period in 10mm & 15mm metal"

Napoleonic Military Modelling
A blog on the art and science of Napoleonic Military modelling.

Napoleonics In Miniature
Paul Alba's "wee record of our Napoleonic figures and terrain online".

Napoleonic Warfare
Silent's "journal about fighting imaginary campaigns in Europe using armies in 5/6mm".

One of several great blogs compiled by husband and wife wargamers Jan and Paul Leniston.

napoleonic wargaming
Jan and Paul Leniston's blog of the numerous PBM Napoleonic wargaming campaigns that they run.

Blog of Steve H, a Napoleonic wargamer from the Welsh Marches of the UK.

Napoleonics at TMP
The Miniatures Page posts about the era of Napoleon.

Napoleon in Russia | The Soldiers' Experience on the Campaign of 1812
Scott A's fabulous 'log' of the Russian campaign, from the viewpoint of those who participated.

A new wargaming blog about "the Peninsular Wars in the period of the War of Independence and Napoleonic general context". The author aims to cover "history, painting, uniformology, scenography, dioramas and what we like: armies miniatures, regiments and historical battles".

Napoleonic Swords and Sabers Collection
Yves C's personal collection of French and British sabres or swords from the Napoleonic period.

The Napoleonic Wargamer
Rod Edgar's blog about miniature wargames and Napoleonic wargaming in particular.

Napoleonic Wargame Rules
Paul and Jan Leniston's blog of rules for their Napoleonic campaign.

Blog of James Anders "the time of Napoleon's Empire is my favorite era to collect, I dabble in all sorts of historical periods".

Northern Wargaming
"A blog of wargaming from Sweden. Everything from the Middle Ages via the Napoleonic era to the 41st millenium. Including Warhammer, SAGA, LotR, Song of Drums and Shakos and Warhammer 40k".

Northwest Historical Miniature Gamer
Blog of Kevin, wargamer and member of the Northwest Historical Miniature Game Society from Puyallup, Washington, United States.

The Northumbrian Wargamer
Dave (the sheepman) from Morpeth, Northumberland, UK is a "painter/collector of figures first and a wargamer second. My thrill in this great hobby of ours is to place that final well researched & painted unit into the cabinet. The actual gaming with the figures is an important but secondary experience, we all like to win, but it isn't the be all and end all of it, being with good friends and having fun is." He is particularly interested in the French Revolutionary Wars.

Not By Appointment
A great resource for the lace wars, "being a uniform and flag design service to wargamers and to the imaginary crowned heads of 17th and 18th Century Europe, especially of the Seven Years War period".

The Nyudrev Chronicles
Pjtor's "light-hearted blog (with the occasional rant)of my wargaming adventures".

"Charter member of the Tripeira Brigade group of games of historical simulation" (No Português)

The Old Metal Detector
A blog for those interested in "vintage 20 mm wargames figures. It is designed as a companion to Hinton Hunter blog, and concentrates on figures from other manufacturers".

Olicanalad's Games
Blog of James Roach of the The Ilkley Lads, featuring some massive ancients games.

Old Soldiers Never Die....They Just Trade Away
Wargames figures trading post.

One man and his brushes
"The occasional mutterings of Dave Doc, a military modeller and some time wargamer".

One Sided Miniature Wargaming Discourse
"Sun of York", a fellow West Aussie who lists his broad wargaming interests as "Napoleonics 15mm - Napoleon's Battles Ancients 15mm - DBA ACW 15mm - Fire and Fury WW2 - Crossfire and (new) Blitzkrieg Commander Plus 20/25mm 1/76th and 1/72nd scale models and figures".

Operation Market Garden
Blog dedicated to information about Operation Market Garden, for the purposes of a campaign.

Operation: Wargaming!
Victor's wargaming blog chronicling "the exploits of our little Portland, Oregon wargaming group... interests flow from medieval to modern gaming".

Palladian Guard
Colonel Scipio's blog about wargaming Warhammer 40k.

Palouse Wargaming Journal
Jonathan Freitag's "campaigning Through History in Miniature".

Panique dans la vitrine
The notes about miniature figures and historical interests (en français)

Page of SADA's Hobby
"A Japanese Historical Miniature Wargamer's diary".

Par la bouche de mes canons
The self-professed ramblings of a Canadian wargamer.

Parum Pugna
A blog by Henri Longuelade of "old Battles, old toys, old blokes" featuring ancient wargaming using vintage 25mm figures.

The Peninsular War in 15mm
Vive l'Empereur's "modeling and gaming in the Peninsular theatre during the Napoleonic wars".

Peter's Cave
Blog featuring photos and descriptions of the wonderful figures the emerge from Peter's cave.

Phil's War Cabinet
Phil's blog about "creating and building a collection of miniatures for a campaign set in the mid-18th century".

Pijlie´s Wargames Blog
Piklie's blog of his "main interests like writing and wargaming".

Paul Foster's blog of 1:76 & 1:72 Military Modelling & Gaming.

Thoughtful reflections on the hobby and related matters.

Ponatowski's Legions
Tom O from Glendale Arizona, US whose blog is "...a place for me to record my wargaming activities, miniature painting, and whatever else the voices in my head tell me to post...".

Poodles & Power
A Maurice campaign by the Toronto Historical Miniature Gamers.

Principality of Hesse-Engelburg
Snickering Corpses' blog of wargaming the lace wars, especially the Seven Years War.

Project Arnhem
Arquinsiel's blog of his project to run a large-scale wargame in 1/72nd scale based on the famous WWII operation that was a "Bridge Too Far".

Prometheus in Aspic
"Repository for the quieter thoughts of a Grumpy Old Napoleonic Wargamer," MS Foy.

Pushed Into Battle
Kelly's blog about his army of the Skaven Empire and, more recently, some ACW too.

Pushing Tin
Pushing Tin's "occasional account of doings in my shed, mostly tin soldier related".

The Quite Historical Gaming Society
Mark Gagnon's "blog to keep track of my wargaming, RPG, and reading interests".

Rabbits In My Basement
Blog of James, "I paint miniature figures, play war games with them, take care of my rabbits, read books and drink tea with my Snugglebunny".

Raglan's Welsh Wargaming
Raglan's "28mm Wargaming Blog,... showcasing my collections and also some historical information about the units I am attempting to portray".

Andrew McCory's blog "to share my work and thoughts to inspire and get inspired - and to see through what I've achieved".

Rebel Barracks
Rodger, wargamer from the Southern Strategists in New Zealand "created this blog to share with you some photos of my troops both "On display" and "In action"".

The Recidivist Gamer
Hamish's blog "specifically (but not exclusively)" about Warhammer and 40k.

Red Alert
"20mm gaming in the Russian Civil War period 1917-1923 with Winttrix."

Romani in Tenebris
The second blog of Rosbif (Monsieur le Rosbif), this one dedicated to the ancient and mediaeval periods.

Roundwood's World
Sidney Roundwood of St Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom "enjoying the wargaming hobby, and the friends it brings, since 1981".

RTB's great blog featuring loads of game reports and photos of 25–28 mm Napoleonic figures.

Santa Clarita Wargamer
A blog from Castigator about "miniature wargaming and my latest Piquet projects".

Bluebear Jeff's "record of an imaginary 18th century Germanic principality relating to the design and construction of a tabletop army for gentlemanly wargaming".

Saxon Dog
Saxon Dog's wargames blog.

Scimitar and Crescent Wargames
MGB's blog for "my wargaming interests in the Reconquista Wars, the Barbary Coast Pirates, and the early campaigns of the Ottoman Turks".

Scotia Albion
A blog to "let me wax lyrical about the hobby, to talk about the fictitious 18th century country Scotia Albion and their arch enemies from the Grand Duchy of Comyn and to display my progress (albeit slow) in creating their armies and characters".

Scott's War-gaming
According to Scott, "war-gaming and figure collecting and painting have been the one hobby I have always had an interest in, and have found always possible to do, no matter the weather or other circumstances".

Scotty's Wargaming
Not to be confused with the blog above, this one is from Scotty, "a member of the South East Northumberland Wargaming club (SENWag)... main wargaming interest cover WSS, ACW, AVCBW, Dark Ages and colonial, though not averse to sci-fi and fantasy".

Sean's Wargames Corner
Sean's blog with plenty of fantasy wargaming and a little historical thrown in too.

Serpentine War Game Club
New blog from an old club from Albany, Western Australia.

"Serrez les Rangs!"
Robert has "had an interest in wargaming the Napoleonic era ever since I was ten and my dad gave me some boxes of AIRFIX HO/OO French and British Waterloo plastic miniatures" now using 25/28mm metal figures as the "do the uniforms the most justice".

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby)
Service Ration Distribution from Queensland, Australia's blog of "wargaming and associated stuff".

Sgt Steiner's Wargaming Blog
"Historical Wargaming using Miniatures, PC & Board Games as played by Sgt Steiner".

Shaman's Wargames
"Shaman" Ashby's historical, grand tactical wargaming of 1800's warfare 15 mm and 25-28 mm.

Shed Wars
Eric's world of wargaming at the end of his garden.

Simons Space
Simon's Napoleonic soldier collection; mainly 25–28 mm with a few 10 mm thrown in!

The Single Handed Admiral
"A historical wargamer who does more gaming in his head than on the table top opponents.  As an experiment I am posting on a blog, so that I potentially have others to talk to besides myself".

Skoryi Szag!
Robert's "blow-by-blow account of my progress in building up a Russian Napoleonic Army of 1813 using mainly Front Rank 28mm miniatures" (see also "Serrez les Rangs!").

Società di archeologia e cimeli
Tomsche, collector of many things including wargames figures.

Sole Member of the Napoleonic Connoisseur's Club
A blog about 28mm napoleonic wargaming by David Dormvik.

Solo Wargaming in the UK
Blog of "wargaming activities, including painting, purchases and thoughts".

Blog of Steven, "historical miniature and board wargamer for 12 years".

Sparker, Lieutenant RN (retired) has this beaut blog describing the wargames played at the "Hall of Heroes" Campbelltown, NSW, Australia.

Stand and Deliver!
Wargaming in the land down under with Nate

Steve's Random Musings on Wargaming and other stuff...
"Being an account of my wargaming activities, a few sailing stories, some beer related anecdotes, what music I'm listening to.... oh, and anything else that knows me!"

Steve's Wargame Stuff
Steve the Wargamer's great blog "Being an account of my wargaming activities, a few sailing
stories, some beer related anecdotes, what music I'm listening to.... oh, and anything else that knows me!"

Stretch 76
Blog of another Western Australian wargamer, Mark Woods from Perth.

Sword and Sandal Gaming
Justin and Peter's blog of Ancient History and Wargaming for Amateurs and Grognards ...and a bit of Science Fiction too".

Table Top Teasers
Steve the Wargamer has put together this great blog with a list of Charles Grant's fabulous Table Top Teasers from Battle and Military Modelling in the 1970s and 1980s, many of them with linked pdf files.  He recently got it touch with Charles Grant who gave permission to keep hosting the Teasers. Thanks to Rafa for pointing this blog out to us!

Tarty's Tin
Blog of Tarty, wargamer and superb painter from Sydney, NSW, Australia.

TGN Blog Network
The Tabletop Gaming News Blog Network which "aims to be a central location to find interesting gaming material and articles from a selection of the many wargaming and painting blogs on the internet". A fabulous, searchable site.

These Simple Miniatures
BP, self-confessed "thirty-four year old man with a baby boy ready to pop at any minute" recently joined the blogosphere (2012).

Tides of War
The obsessions of a wargamer; Tom Young from Round Rock Texas, to be precise!

Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog
"'There are some who call me.... Tim'—his blog of wargames, painting and modelling.

Tiny Metal Men
Scannable Goose of Brisbane, QLD, Australia whose wargaming is focussed on "the smaller (and cheaper!) scales in the marketplace; 6 mm and 15 mm".

Tom's Miniatures in 1/72
Tom's blog dedicated to miniatures in 1/72 scale, some he produces himself and others made by other manufacturers. He posts about "new miniatures and my wargaming-projects".

Too Much Free Time
Vladdd309, "thirty-something gamer and all round nerd... To relax, I like to play with toy soldiers (oddly enough, it's never that relaxing.)"

Too Much Lead
"An English wargamer reminisces about years of gaming, documents his many future defeats and offers whatever tips about modelling cross his mind at the time. Hopefully it'll be entertaining too!"

Torbjörn Blom´s Projects
Torbjörn Blom of Gothenburg's blog about various projects in his life; importantly for us including miniature wargames, mainly Flames of War, but also some Napoleonics.

To War!
A blog about building and wargaming four periods/armies: War of the Ring Isengard Army, Napoleonic Austrians, Napoleonic French and WWII Germans.

Trailape's Wargame
Fellow Aussie Trailape from Melbourne's blog dedicated to "all things wargaming".

Triangle Miniature Wargaming
John's wargaming forum covering "From Alexander The Great to James T. Kirk, in miniature" where anyone is welcome to join and discuss anything wargaming they like.

Twin Cities Gamer
Monty of St Paul, Minnesota "painting and gaming armies from history".

Unfashionably Shiny
DC's blog "thumbing it's nose at black undercoat and matte varnish"!

Vive L'Empereur!
Blog for "Vive L'Empereur! ...a new set of Napoleonic tabletop tactical wargame rules currently under development, which combine realistic tactics and C3 with fast, interactive, enjoyable play with a real sense of the period - something we feel is lacking in most contemporary rulesets".

Volley Fire Wargames' blog of game reports, musings and assorted other ideas and links.

WAB Corner
"Wargaming All-Kinds of Battles" from the Puyallup (War)gamers of the Northwest Historical Gaming Society, Tacoma, Washington, USA.

Scott Robertson history and English teacher and long time gamer from Nambour, Queensland, Australia has this main blog of his wargaming activities various (see also Dust Australis).

War Diaries of a Little Englander
"Being the toy soldier and war game themed ramblings of a middle-aged Englishman".

Wargame news and terrain
A blog dedicated to "spreading the word of excellent new and innovative products".

Wargamerabbit | Wargaming the past eras
Wargamerabbit's, aka Michael's, brilliant blog featuring battle reports, scenarios, rules and army of the month.

Nicolas' blog featuring "do-it-yourself, tricks and easy ways of manufacture, the summaries of parts, the photographs of figures" (en Français)

Wargames and Railroads
The name says it all really. Kris spends about equal time on his blog on each of his hobbies.

Wargames and Stuff
Brent, "primarily a historical miniatures gamer, with a smattering of historical boardgames thrown in... the author of Field of Battle (from Piquet) and an owner of Piquet Inc.".

The Wargames Table
Blog of Matt whose "principal areas of interest are the Roman Empire, the Celts of Gaul and Britannia, the Dark Ages and the Viking era (400-1066AD), Peninsular Napoleonics and The Great War".
Great reports and photos from fellow Aussie wargamers from the other side of the country.

Wargaming Girl
As Tamsin P notes, her blog, covering Ancients, ACW and SciFi gaming, is from that "mythical beast - a female wargamer!"

Wargaming for Grown-ups
Trebian whose interests "spread pretty generally across the entire historical period (and)... mostly prefer to develop and use my own rules" presents a blog on making the most of being a grown-up wargamer!

Wargaming in 28 mm and sometimes smaller
Blog of John de Terre Neuve, "one of the Newfoundland diaspora, long exiled from that sacred isle to a truly strange land. Kept sane by his beautiful wife and lovely children (well most of the time) and by painting little men".

Wojna w miniaturze | War in miniature
Inkub's blog of miniature painting and wargames, in Polish and English.

Wargaming Miscellany
Bob Cordery's "random thoughts of an ancient wargamer. Featuring rules, battle reports, and all sorts of miscellaneous wargaming (and other ) topics" (see also Interbellum).

A Wargaming Odyssey
David Crook's "long standing and continuing journey around a collection of ideas, projects, games, models and various assorted wargaming related themes from my own imagination and from others".

Phil Broeder's "blog dedicated to all kinds of wargaming : Ancients, Napoleonics, Thirty Years War / Renaissance..."

Martin from NZ is single-handedly taking on the project of wargaming Waterloo in 2015. Great stuff!

Wargaming with Barks
Blog from fellow Aussie, Barks from Newcastle, New South Wales.

Wargaming with Napoleonic Miniatures
Wargaming with Napoleonic Miniatures (plastics). Rafael's site is packed with information about the games and figures that he has used, plus ideas for conversions and links to uniform guides.

Wargaming with Silver Whistle
Pat Smith of Essex, England who has "been painting and occasionally gaming with little lead (and plastic) soldiers for longer than I care to remember".

The Wars of Pooch
Chris from Quakechurch, New Zealand's blog "to motivate me, or show off, or just to give me something to distract myself from the mountain of painting I am hiding from...".

Waterloo 2015
A community blog that we have started to encourage wargamers from around the world to record their plans, activities and outcomes in these bicentennial years, culminating with Waterloo in 2015.

The Waterloo Campaign in Miniature
JC, "painter of miniatures" has set himself the task of recreating the Battle of Les Quatre-Bras.

Waterloo en 28mm
Blog dedicated to "painting of miniatures of the armies involved in the Battle of Waterloo" (en Español)

Waterloo to Mons
A blog of 19th century wargames, spurred on by Glover's book "Warfare from Waterloo to Mons"

Westerhope Wargame Group
"A group of like-minded enthusiasts who shun formulae wargaming with rules and regulations without knowledge. Our philosophy is one of "if it happened in history it must be able to be replicated on our games".... oh dear sounds pompous, it's simple really old fashioned and enjoyable without long charts and section N para Y allows me to jump your wall by 6 mm ha ha".

Will's Wargames Blog
Will from Chester, UK has been a wargamer for over 40 years and has "painted nearly 20,000 and I've got about 10,000 unpainted and the manufacturers are producing more than ever". A blog of his wargames covering "almost everything from Ancient Greece to Vietnam".

The Wishful Wargamer
Brian wargamer (historical, preferably) from Edinburgh, Scotland.

With Pyjamas through a whiff of grapeshot!
"Carlo Pyjamas" and the real stuff: Napoleonic wargaming.

With Pyjamas through the Desert
"Carlo Pyjamas" presents The Sudan circa 1880s and Gilder's rules.

Zed's Napoleonics
Zed's blog dedicated to painting miniatures.