ANF Figure Review
We present an occasional, random series of reviews of some of the many wonderful sets of 1/72nd scale figures available today, from a wargamer's perspective (ours!), using photos of figures from our games.
1. Hat 8072 1805 Russian Infantry
2. Strelets set 019 Russian Hussars
3. Strelets Set 096 French Hussars
4. Mars set 72020 Swedish Infantry

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Having trouble painting plastic figures? Tips on the preparation of figures for painting.

Figure Production Lines
Mark's figure "production line" for Borodino 2012
Mark's and James' kaiserlich production line

Assorted Photos and Conversions
Below are photos of some of the great figures available in 1/72nd plastics plus some of the fun we have had with conversions.

9th Cuirassiers in 20 mm and 2 mm
1/72nd Airfix Waterloo French cavalry and 2 mm Irregular heavy cavalry. One of the Airfix figures was converted as trumpeter by removing sword and adding trumpet from Hat French chasseurs à cheval.

Garde Marins
Converted from Hat French Middle Guard. Coat tails removed. Officer's shako replaced with hat from on top of the sword of the Lannes figure in Strelets Napoleon's General Staff. Trumpet from Mars Austrian Uhlans. Flag cut from lead lining around a wine bottle. Eagle 'sculpted' from scratch using Milliput.

Napoleon and Davout confer on tactics
Napoleon and aide from Italeri French Imperial General Staff set. Davout Strelets Napoleon's General Staff (2).

Eugene de Beauharnais
Revell French mounted guard chasseurs

French staff officers
Figure with telescope and aide de camp from Italeri French Imperial General Staff set. Dismounted cavalry Italeri French cuirassiers. 

Russian grenadier command
Officer from Esci Russian grenadiers. Drummer and standard-bearer Zvezda Russian heavy infantry grenadiers