ANF Battle Reports

This page provides a list of the games that we have played and links to the reports on this blog. The report is still "under development" where a link is not provided!

1. ANF Game 1: Age of Marlborough
Age of Marlborough—first ANF game

2. ANF Game 2: Battle of Montmirail, 11th February 1814
Battle of Montmirail

3. ANF Game 3: Combat at Utitsa, 7th September 1812
Utitsa 1812

4. ANF Game 4: Pont du Bois

5. ANF Game 5: Action at Plancenoit, 18th June 1815
A Near Run Thing

6. ANF Games 6 & 7: Battles of Pultusk & Golymin, 26th December 1806
Two smashing Russian victories!

7. ANF Games 8 & 9: Battle of Tamames (two versions)

8. ANF Games 10 & 17: Battle of Albuera
Version 1 and Version 2.

9. ANF Games 11 & 12: Battle of Saalfeld (two versions)

10. ANF Games 13 & 14: Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro Version 1 and Version 2

11. ANF Games 15 & 16: Battle of River Cóa using Grand Battery and Shako II

12. ANF Game 18: ANF Australia Day Game 2012—Warhammer Ancients

13. ANF Game 19: Battle of Eylau

14. ANF Games 20 & 21: Battle of Nehrung
Two versions using General de Brigade and Shako-ANF

15. ANF Games 22 & 23: Battle of Bailén
Two versions using General de Division (GdD) and Shako-ANF

16. ANF Game 24: Battle of Borodino
Our grand bicentennial game of the terrible. There are numerous posts about organising the game, an initial report, a detailed report, and one year on a post of further photos, especially those showing the game in all its grandeur.

17. After playing the entire battle we did a game based on the Fields of Glory scenario of the Grand Redoubt (ANF Game 31).

18. ANF Games 25 & 30: Battle of Maloyaroslavets
Our bicentennial game which became a play-test then, our second version using a revised scenario.

19. ANF Game 26: Battle of Medellin
A tough 'gig' for the Spanish player

20. ANF Game 27: Warhammer Ancients
Roman vs Britons

21. ANF Game 28: Ranger Danger!
Action at Pont à Buot, 4th June 1755

22. ANF Game 29: Battle of Medina del Rio Seco
A Spanish victory?

23. ANF Games 32 & 33: Two scenarios from Fields of Glory of sections of the Battle of Austerlitz
Attack of the Russian Guard and Bagration’s Battle

24. ANF Game 34: Battle of Rothenburg, 20th August 1813
Report of a game, that was like a large-scale skirmish that was played as part of the Campaign of Nations.

25. ANF Game 35: Battle of Lützen, 2nd May 1813
Completed in two 'sessions': part 1 from 11:30–14:30 and part 2 15:00–18:30. Also a pictorial summary of part 2.

26. ANF Game 36: Battle of Rothenburg II, 21st August 1813
The retreat that did not go to plan (our second game in the Campaign of Nations)

27. ANF Game 37: Rules Playtest, Romans vs Carthaginians
Our first playtest of the Impetus rules

28. ANF Game 39: Second Battle of Bautzen, 23rd August 1813
A game in the Campaign of Nations that may well prove a turning point; report here.

29. ANF Game 40: Battle of Bautzen, 20th–21st May 1813
Our re-fight of the second day of this last battle before the armistice. A drama in three parts: part one, part two and the conclusion.

30. ANF Game 41: Cavalry Skirmish, 29th August 1813,
Campaign of Nations game and Capitán Playtest; report here.

31. ANF Game 42: Skirmish at Filipovo, 29th July 1812
Another game using Capitán rules.

32. ANF Game 43: Boudica’s Last Battle, AD 60 (61?)
Swan-song for the Queen of the Iceni

33. ANF Game 44: Battle of La Rothière, 1st February 1814

Our first bicentennial game for 2014, part one and part two.

34. ANF Game 45: Skirmish Battle of Zwickau, 1st September 1813

A Campaign of Nations game; report here.

35. ANF Game 46: Battle of Trebia, December 218 BC
Hannibal's first ambush of the Romans

36. ANF Game 47: Battle of Bibracte, June 58 BC

Hail Caesar! (just)

37. ANF Game 48: Battle of Arausio, 105 BC.

First battle of our fictional Cimbrian Campaign

38. ANF Game 49: Battle of Vercellae, 105 BC
Second battle of Cimbrian Wars Campaign (fictitious)

39. ANF Game 50: Age of Reason play-test
A fictitious battle of the War of Spanish Succession

40. ANF Game 51: Battle of Comum, 104 BC
Another battle of the Cimbrian Wars Campaign (fictitious)

41. ANF Game 52: Battle of Perusia, 104 BC

Fourth battle of the Cimbrian Wars Campaign (fictitious)

42. ANF Game 53: Battle of Firmum, 104 BC

Fifth battle of the Cimbrian Wars Campaign (fictitious)

43. ANF Game 54: Battle of Spoletium, 103 BC
Sixth battle of the Cimbrian Wars Campaign (fictitious)

44. ANF Game 55: Battle of Rome, 103 BC
Seventh battle of the Cimbrian Wars Campaign (fictitious)

45. ANF Game 56: Second Battle of Spoletium, 103 BC
Final battle of the Cimbrian Wars Campaign (fictitious)

46. ANF Game 57: Beneath the Lily Banners play-test
Take-two for our fictitious battle of the War of Spanish Succession

47. ANF Game 58. Seven Years War Scenario 
Age of Reason play-test - Seven Years War Scenario

48. ANF Game 59. Recreating Hannibal's strategic genius
Battle of Lake Trasimene, June 217 BC

49. ANF Game 60. Our first Napoleonic naval action
Battle of San Domingo, 6th February, 1806

50. ANF Game 61. Pulling out some excellent old rules
Battle (based on) Kolin, 18th June 1757

51. ANF Game 62 and 63. Wellesley loses his second battle in Portugal, twice!
Battle of Vimeiro, 21st August 1808 using Zimmermann rules and using Shako-ANF

52. ANF Game 64. Our games of the bicentennial of the Hundred Days begin
Battle of Quatre Bras, 16th June 1815: part 1 and part 2—a decisive allied victory

53. ANF Game 65. Another game of Quatre Bras (incomplete)
This time as a play-test of the Et Sans Résultat rules

54. ANF Game 66. Our Game for Waterloo 200
Battle of Waterloo, 18th June 1815: part 1part 2, part 3 and part 4

55. ANF Games 67, 68 and 71. Three Seven Year's War games using Zimmermann rules.
Game 1: Prussian v Franco-Austrian, Game 2: : Prussian v Franco-Austrian and Game 3 Prussian v Austrian

56. ANF Game 69. More Napoleonic naval action
This time trying Form Line of Battle rules for Cornwallis' Retreat 17 June 1795

57. ANF Game 70. A Seven Year's War re-fight using Zimmermann
Battle of Hohenfriedberg, 4th June 1745

58. ANF Games 72 and 73 battles from the Second Roman Civil War ('Caesar's' Civil War)
A fictitious battle based on Thapsus and a re-fight of the Battle of Pharsalus, 48 BCE

60. ANF Game 74 Caesar’s first invasion of Britain, 55 BCE
Caesar’s first invasion of Britain, 55 BCE

61. ANF Game 75 The Battle of Friedland, 14th June 1807
The scenariopart 1part 2part 3 and part 4

62. ANF Game 76 Battle of the Crimissus, 339 BC
Chariots to the fore

63. ANF Game 77 Romans v Numidians (fictitious)

Numidians v Caesarean Romans

64. ANF Game 78 Republican Romans v Samnites and Gauls (fictitious)
Republican Romans v Samnites-Celts

65. ANF Game 79 Battle of the Düna (Riga) 9th July 1701
Battle of Düna

66. ANF Game 80 Celts (Gauls) v Greeks (fictitious)
Celts v Greeks

67. ANF Game 81 The Battle of Leuthen, 5th December 1757
The Leuthen Chorale, 5th December 1757

68. ANF Game 82 Battle of Mollwitz, 10th April 1741
The Battle of Mollwitz

69. ANF Game 83 Battle of Zama 202 BC
Battle for Mastery of the World

70. ANF Game 84 Action at Pretzsch, 29 October 1759
Action at Pretzsch

71. ANF Game 85 Battle of Akragas, 406 BC
Battle of Akragas, 406 BC
72. ANF Game 86 Battle of Laüs, 390 BC
Reported in a massive post
73. ANF Game 87 Battle of Mt Vesuvius, 73 BC
Reported in a massive post
74. ANF Game 88 Spartacus v Lentulus
Reported in a massive post
75. ANF Game 89 Caesar's first invasion of Britain—redux
Reported in a massive post
76. ANF Game 90 Battle of Sahay, 24th May 1742
Reported in a massive post
77. ANF Game 91 Glorious First of June
A Heart-breaking Encounter

78. ANF Game 92 and 93 Hundred Years War—fictitious
Version 1 and version 2 reported in a massive post

79. ANF Game 94 Caesar's invasion of Britain v3
Reported in a massive post
80. ANF Game 95 Battle of Turin, 14th May 1706

81. ANF Game 96 Battle of Sentinum 295 BC
Reported in a massive post
82. ANF Game 97 Battle of Agincourt, 25th October 1415
Reported in a massive post
83. ANF Game 98 Battle of Bagradas River (Tunis) 255 BC
Battle of Bagradas River

84. ANF Game 99 Battle of Kolin, 18th June 1757
Reported in a massive post
85. ANF Game 100 Battle of Villaviciosa, 10th December 1710

86. ANF Game 101 Fictitious Late Republican Roman v Successor
Reported in a massive post
87. ANF Game 102 Pyrrhus v Carthage
Reported in a massive post
88. ANF Game 103 Battle of Asculum, 279 BC
Reported in a massive post
89. ANF Game 104 Battle of Chaeronea, 86 BC
Reported in a massive post
90. ANF Game 105 Battle of Wavre, 18th June 1815
Battle of Wavre

91. ANF Game 106 Battle of Jena, 14th October 1806
Battle of Jena
92. ANF Game 107 Battle of Hexham 1464
Reported in a massive post
93. ANF Game 108 Fictitious Napoleonic
Austrians v French-Allied

94. ANF Game 109 Gauls v Seleucid
Gaul v Seleucid

95. ANF Game 110 Macedon v Greek
Greek on Greek

96. ANF Game 111 Fictitious French v British Napoleonic Naval

It's what the Royal Marines are for: playtest of Grand Fleet Actions

97. ANF Game 112 Battle of Liebertwolkwitz, 14th October 1813
The Great Cavalry Battle

98. ANF Game 113 First Battle of St Albans, 22 May 1455
First Derby# for 2018: St Albans

99.  ANF Game 114 Battle of Reichenberg, 21st April 1757
A grim fairytale

100. ANF Game 115 Battle of Raszyn, 19th April 1809
Twin battles at new venue

101. ANF Game 116 Battle of Teugen-Hausen, 19th April 1809
Twin battles at new venue

102 ANF Game 117 Second Battle of Algeciras, 12th July 1801
Success in the Bay of Gibraltar

103. ANF Game 118 Battle of Shrewsbury
Reported in a massive post

104. ANF Game 119 Battle of Harrowgate
Reported in a massive post

105. ANF Game 120 Battle of Utica 240 BC
Strike while the iron is hot but heads are cool

106. ANF Game 121 Action at Abbach (Battle of Eckmühl) 22nd April 1809

A General d'Armée play-test

107. ANF Game 122 First Battle of Algeciras, 4th July 1801
A reversal of historical fortunes

108. ANF Game 123 Battle of Elixheim, 18th July 1705
Who says history is written by the victors?

109. ANF Game 124 Battle of Auerstädt, 14th October 1806