Austrian Succession & Seven Years' War

The Seven Years' War is often dubbed the first world war as it involved campaigns not only in Europe, but also for colonial possessions of the French, English, Spanish and Dutch in North America, Central America, West Africa, India and the Philippines.

(Games from the War of Austrian Succession are also included here)

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Third Silesian War

Battle of Leuthen 5 December 1757 by Carl Röchling (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The European campaign of the Seven Years' War (1756–1763) . Following the War of Austrian Succession, Austria once more tried to recapture Silesia and, along with the Russians began mobilising her armies. Alert to these developments, Frederick II of Prussia pre-mobilised his own army with which he invaded Saxony in late August 1756. Already at war for dominance of North America, Britain and France sided with Prussia and Austria respectively. The Russians signed the Treaty of Versailles in January 1757, becoming the third nation in the Austrian alliance.

Links to our games of this period

First Seven Years' War game using Age of Reason rules

Seven Year's War battle: a fictitious game

French & Indian War

The final campaign for the control of North America, 1754–1760. My interest in this period was originally stimulated by a trip to beautiful Quebec City (and other parts of Canada) in 1990. I was fortunate that this coincided roughly with the release of the wonderful ‘Ranger!’ rules by Peter Berry. These rules, which interestingly Pete derived from a system he used for the English Civil War (that I have not seen), are simple and elegant. They capture the key features of the nature and problems of European powers fighting in a land that they little understood. A feature of the rules is the officer ‘incidents’ which add to the flavour—and fun

This period is one of the few for which we move away from 'the one true scale', as there are limited figures available in 1/72nd and I already have forces painted in 15 mm.

Links to our games of this period

Action at Pont à Buot, 4th June 1755

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