Book Reviews

Want to know more about the Napoleonic period?
Here are some reviews of books about the period (campaigns, battles, politics and wargaming) that you may wish to read.


Grand Battery: A guide & rules for Napoleonic wargames, by Jon Sutherland & Diane Canwell

Wargaming on a Budget: Gaming Constrained by Money or Space, by Iain Dickie

Napoleon As A General, by Jonathon P. Riley

Napoleonic Armies: Friends and Foes
The Russian Officer Corps in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1792-1815, by Alexander Mikaberdize

Soldier of the Empire: The Note-Books of Captain Coignet, edited by Bob Carruthers

Napoleonic Army Handbook: The French Army and Her Allies 

Napoleonic Wars
Napoleon on Campaign: Classic Images of Napoleon at War by Harriet Carruthers

1800 Marengo Campaign
Napoleon's Chicken Marengo: Creating the Myth of the Emperor's Favourite Dish, by Andrew Uffindell

1807 Polish Campaign
Napoleon's Polish Gamble: Eylau & Friedland 1807, by Christopher Summerville

Peninsular War

Charging Against Wellington: The French Cavalry in the Peninsular War 1807–1814, by Robert Burnham

1812 Russian Campaign
Napoleon’s Army in Russia: The Illustrated Memoirs of Albrecht Adam, translated by Jonathan North

Napoleon in Russia, by Alan Palmer

Napoleon's Invasion of Russia, by Theodore Ayrault Dodge

The Battle of Borodino, by Alexander Mikaberidze

Borodino-The Moskva: The Battle for the Redoubts by François-Guy Hourtoulle and André Jouineau

1812: Russia's Patriotic War, by Laurence Spring

The Battle of the Berezina: Napoleon's Great Escape, by Alexander Mikaberidze

Crossing the Berezina, A Victory During The Retreat, by Francois-Guy Hourtoulle, Denis Gandilhon and André Jouineau

Borodino, by Digby Smith

Russian Eyewitness Accounts of the Campaign of 1812, by Alexander Mikaberidze 

Into Battle with Napoleon 1812: The Journal of Jakob Walter, Edited and annotated by Bob Carruthers

1812 Napoleon's Invasion of Russia (The March On Moscow, Napoleon in Moscow, The Great Retreat) by Paul Britten Austin

Osprey Battlelines Borodino 1812, Osprey app for iPad/iPhone

With Napoleon's Guard In Russia: The Memoirs of Major Vionnet 1812, translated by Jonathan North

1813 Campaign in Germany
Napoleon: The Last Campaigns 1813–15, by James Lawford

Leipzig: La bataille des Nations (16–19 octobre 1813), by Alain Pigeard

1814 Campaign in France
Napoleon: The Last Campaigns 1813–15, by James Lawford

Napoleon 1814: The Defence of France by Andrew Uffindell

Waterloo Campaign
Cavalry Charge La Haie Sainte & Plancenoit: The French and Prussian Attacks (DVD), Graeme Cooper, Tom Dormer, Andrew Duff, Mike Peters, Tim Saunders and Frank Toogood

Napoleon: The Last Campaigns 1813–15, by James Lawford

Waterloo Battlefield Guide, by David Buttery