The Peninsular War 1807–14

The Peninsular War is a favourite of many Napoleonic wargamers, particularly in the UK. This protracted and often brutal campaign featured set-piece battles, sieges, skirmishes and raids that make for challenging and exciting table-top games, at a range of scales.

Links to the reports of these games (which appear elsewhere on this blog) are given below

14th July 1808
Battle of Medina del Rio Seco

19th July 1808
Battle of Bailén: Two versions: GdD and Shako ANF

21st August 1810
Battle of Vimeiro: two versions, using Zimmermann rules and Shako-ANF

16th January 1809
Battle of Coruña

28th March 1809
Battle of Medellin

18th October 1809
Battle of Tamames, version 1 and version 2

24th July 1810
Battle of River Coá, using Grand Battery and Shako II

3rd–5th May 1811
Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro, version 1 and version 2

16th May 1811
Battle of Albuera, version 1 and version 2

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