Saturday, 15 February 2014


Honorary member of the ANF 'family', Mark, Son of York, who is currently referred to as Marc since he is commanding the French left at La Rothière, brought to my attention this new, marvellous website.

In case you have not seen the link on Mark's blog, DYSAF and check out the Napoleonics section with its subsections devoted to:

- large battles using small units (Songs of Drums and Shakos);

skirmish games;

and grand battles in 6 mm.

The latter is particularly impressive to me and up there with 'Pushing Tin's' use of that scale to great effect.

Being a website the author, 'Roundie' has more scope for layout and formatting than we bloggers and he has used this to fine effect. He seems to have that eye for colour and layout that people like graphic designers have, and people like me do not!

Unfortunately being a website limits his interaction with the wargaming blog 'e-community'. If you are reading this Roundie, what say you put together a linked blog? Rafa Pardo has a great example of this linking his blog to his marvellous website.

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