Evaluating Rules

As with most wargamers that I know, and Napoleonic wargamers in particular, we are in a seemingly endless quest for the 'ultimate' set of rules for the period. Whether this is a factor of the size of the market, the inability of wargamers to agree or just that human trait of continuing to strive and to seek, I don't know. What it means for us, with our open and fun approach to the hobby, is that we'll have a ready source of challlenges, enjoyment and pleasure as we try different sets of rules!
With over 100 years of wargaming experience between us, we consider that we have a reasonable background to carry out a critical evaluation of different rules. This section of our blog will be a record of the rules that we have tested and our evaluation of each of them.

Rules for Napoleonic land or naval wargaming

5. General de Brigade (some comments at the end of Battle of Nehrung report)

6. Napoleon at War—preliminary review

8. Blackpowder (review yet to be posted)
Rules for other periods

Seven Year's War with house clarifications, edits and additions—fictitious game (1)another fictitious Seven Year's War gamere-fight of Hohenfriedbergthird fictitious battle

5. Gå På! rules for the Great Northern War a review after reading and playtest of Battle of Düna River.

6. Veni Vidi Vici! Playtest of the free version. It's in a long post, so scroll down to the "Successor v Gauls" game.