Saturday, 19 October 2013

Guest Blogger (4): Battle of Lützen: the conclusion

Our guest blogger, Phil from York, UK has recently completed his bicentennial game of the Battle of Lützen and has kindly provided this photo-summary to be posted here.

It's was a great looking game, closely fought game and he has provided us with some excellent photos. Thanks Phil!

The remainder of VI Corps march on to the field (21st division Bonnet & 22nd division Friederichs) with line lancers filling in for the 7th (Vistula) Lancers and Starsiedel in the foreground.

The Prussian Guard beat the Hessians to Klein Görschen.

The situation in the centre, rampant Prussian cavalry control the action.

Souham still holding on in Gross Görschen.

Baden Dragoons (having rallied) attempt to stem the tide.

Blücher directs the Prussian artillery (small dice record remaining strength).

Marmont directs the French right.

Russian cavalry attempt to outflank Gross Görschen.

Prussian dragoons attempt to disrupt Ney’s deployment.

Klein Görschen firmly in Prussian hands.

Uhlans ford the Floßgraben.

Ney bring up his guns (old Vandrad figure (I think?) that I don’t have the heart to replace in spite of the awful dumpy horse).

Russian Grenadiers (Sulima & Zwieleneff) move up on the allied left.

At last the Silesian division take Gross Görschen.

Overview of the action around Gross Görschen.

It’s 16:00 and the advanced troops of IV corps arrive on the French right led by the Neopolitan Light Horse.

Cossacks ! A bit out of focus I’m afraid but allied scouts have crossed the river near Eisdorf. They only have to cut the road and Ney’s had it – victory is within their grasp!

The French turn and Marchand’s Hessians and Badeners hold the ford.

On the right the Naval Artillery regiments charge into action.

The 20eme Provisional take casualties assaulting the Russian guns.

The situation around Klein Görschen as the allies consolidate their position.

Ney’s men in the centre form square (house rule) as the Prussian cavalry crashes in (Irregular and Waterloo 1815 figures).

The Silesians push for Kaja.

(Above and the next two photos below) Russian Guard and light cavalry attack on the allied right and destroy a Naval artillery regiment.

At last Ney gets his guns into action.

The Prussian Guard sallies from Klein Görschen and, with support from Cossacks and Uhlans, destroy the disordered Hessians.

“Vive L’Empreur” Napoleon arrives with the Guard in the nick of time (somewhat later than was historically accurate due to an oversight on my part) and throws the Prussians back across the river.

 XI Corps Under MacDonald begin to arrive on the French left as the allies begin to cross the river (Floßgraben) in force -  could this be a trap?

15th Div of IV Corps arrive and begin to make their presence felt on the French right.

Under pressure, the converged Grenadiers stand at bay as the growing French right forces them back.

The Young Guard.

Another shot of the converged Grenadiers defence.

General view of the French right and centre.

The allied right.

Above and below: On the French right , the fighting intensifies.

The end. Realising they are being outflanked, the Allies shore up their right and begin to withdraw, the gallant Croats are destroyed by the Russian rearguard cavalry allowing the Allies to slip the noose.

I guess that the result was a minor tactical victory for the allies as they took and held Gross & Klein Görschen and they managed to extricate themselves from the jaws of the trap; but they definitely didn't win!

I have to decide what to do next now!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Wargaming Leipzig (6): Leipzig 360º Panorama

I became aware of this 360º Panorama of Leipzig during the Battle of Leipzig thanks to a post on TMP by Raúl (Armand/tango01). Some great inspiration for buildings for the wargames table here!
The five-minute video gives one an idea of the detail and 'atmosphere' of the real thing. Marvellous.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Battle of Bautzen, 21st May, Part One: A View From the Right Wing

Marschall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, aka Mark H, has posted a report of our Battle of Bautzen from his vantage point as commander of the right wing of the Russo-Prussian army.

After observing for the first three hours of the battle (scenario time), he was 'awakened' by the attack of Bertrand's IV Corps (being commanded by yours truly). The waiting had obviously sharpened his resolve as he scored two hits on Morand's battery and then launched his cavalry (part of which were literally his cavalry) at my lead units of light infantry. One of them formed square and 'bounced' his uhlans, but the Silesian Hussars broke the second infantry 'battalion' and the battery of Franquemont's adjacent Württembergers. Fortunately, I had Generalmajor Jett's Württemberg chevau-légers available and they put an end to the Silesian's victory!

More photos and description on Mark's blog.

We look forward, hopefully, to his involvement in part two. As those who know about this battle will realise, things will get quite "hot" at his end of the table.