Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Battle of Bautzen, 21st May, Part One: A View From the Right Wing

Marschall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, aka Mark H, has posted a report of our Battle of Bautzen from his vantage point as commander of the right wing of the Russo-Prussian army.

After observing for the first three hours of the battle (scenario time), he was 'awakened' by the attack of Bertrand's IV Corps (being commanded by yours truly). The waiting had obviously sharpened his resolve as he scored two hits on Morand's battery and then launched his cavalry (part of which were literally his cavalry) at my lead units of light infantry. One of them formed square and 'bounced' his uhlans, but the Silesian Hussars broke the second infantry 'battalion' and the battery of Franquemont's adjacent Württembergers. Fortunately, I had Generalmajor Jett's Württemberg chevau-légers available and they put an end to the Silesian's victory!

More photos and description on Mark's blog.

We look forward, hopefully, to his involvement in part two. As those who know about this battle will realise, things will get quite "hot" at his end of the table.

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