Monday, 14 October 2013

Giveaway at (la) Palouse

Jonathan at the Palouse Wargaming Journal has a great blog and is generous to boot. To celebrate a year of blogging he is offering the chance to go into the draw for one of several fine books he has up for grabs:
Eagles Over the Alps - Duffy. Hardcover.
No Better Place to Die - Cozzens. Paperback.
Edgehill, 1642 - Young. Paperback.
1805 Austerlitz- Goetz. Hardback.
Geography and the History of Warfare: Battlegrounds - National Geographic Society.
Naseby: English Civil War June 1645. Paperback.

Your chance of being a winner is increased by doing one or more of the following:

• comment on the post One Year Blog Anniversary and Give Away - one entry;
• follow his blog publicly - two entries;
• post a blog entry (if you have a blog) referencing the post One Year Blog Anniversary and Give Away - two entries.

Good on ya Jonathan and good luck to all entrants!

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