Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Updated Links and Newbies

I have been adding to the Links: Wargames Blogs tab which can be found in the tab of the same name above (or clicking on the link that you have just read past!).

It's becoming quite an impressive list, IMHO, but is not and will never be complete. If your blog or a favourite of yours is 'missing', please let me know.

I did this update to add blogs that I have found c/- links and comments on the blogs of others. I'd like to alert you to three (relative) newbies, at various ends of the scale of wargames periods, the existence of which you may not yet be aware.

The first is Phil's War Cabinet a blog which he started to record "creating and building a collection of miniatures for a campaign set in the mid-18th century".

Here's a sample of some of the exquisite figures of which he has posted photos on the blog.

At the other end of the 'scale' is Scott Robertson history and English teacher and long time gamer from Nambour, Queensland, Australia who recently started a blog called Dust Australis. Scott, who also has a more general blog wab-ramblings, describes Dust as WWII "taken further and to include walkers, zombies, gorillas and massive tanks".

Being a 'horse and musket man', this is not a key period for me, but one cannot help but be impressed by machines such as this!

Splitting the difference between these two is is me old mate Carlo, or Carlo Pyjamas to give him his full, blogging title. Carlo's main blog is With Pyjamas through the Desert, which focuses on the Imperial British campaign in the Sudan in the late 19thC and the late Peter Gilder's rules and figures for the period.

My preferred one is his Napoleonic blog, With Pyjamas through a whiff of grapeshot—of course!


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  2. The first vignette is amazing!