Sunday, 5 January 2014

Borodino—more pictures

All great things come to an end and so it was with this game of Borodino. We pulled up stumps early afternoon today after three and a half great days of wargaming, camaraderie and humour!

The group was so welcoming and I really appreciated being able to join in such a mammoth game. Thanks to our wonderful hosts Jill and Tim and to all of the players (in alphabetical order) Andrew, Ben, Darren, Gary, Jenks, Jim, John, ’Kiwi’ Andrew, Malcolm, Paul, Peter, Robin, Tim, Tony and Quinny.

‘Rosbif’ and I will be working on a combined summary to put on his blog, so I’m gonna keep you all in ‘suspenders’ about the result!

In the meantime, here are a few selected pictures from Saturday’s and Sunday’s play.

Firstly in the south, Utitsa area

Next the centre-south, just north of Utitsa

On to the centre-north, near the redoubt

In the north, Borodino area

Overall table


  1. Just incredible, you know it but I will say it anyway.

    your a lucky man


  2. Fantastic photos (particularly like the 'armchair general' shot!) - really looking forward to the final report!

  3. Hi James,

    I've just got home and seen your blog. It was terrific to meet you and I hope we meet again. It's been a delight and honour to be involved with this bunch of gamers and I feel blessed. Let me be first in thanking you and all those who commented for all the nice things said about the game.

    Cheers Robin.

  4. Superb James thanks for Sharing these

  5. Beautiful and very impressive!

  6. A big, big, big game! Waiting to see the AAR

  7. Wonderful pictures; a game not to be missed to be sure!

  8. That last shot is a classic. Thanks for posting all these inspiring pictures - totally brilliant!

  9. What an absolutely stunning looking game James, well done to you guys!!!

  10. That last photo was from Saturday night and credit for it goes to Tim and Andrew who alerted us all to how good it looked from up the driveway!