Friday, 13 April 2018

Read the book; play the game

Many think about writing a book—I have several in mind—but few actually bring it to reality. Not so our sometime guest blogger Phil Ball, who now runs his own blog. He wrote the book, had it published and has now played a game that it inspired!

Phil does solo wargaming using mainly 1/72nd scale figures, beautifully painted, and wonderful scratch-built terrain. This game was no exception, featuring beach terrain, a spruced-up toy ship and a telegraph "made from a drinking straw, a couple of cocktail sticks and some wine bottle foil"!

You can see before and after photos of this ship on Phil's blog. Note the addition of the sailor in the rigging!

The full account of the action is on his blog. It's a d@mned fine looking game, hence the plug, but also as his blog does not yet seem to have been 'found' by many of you.  C'mon, DYSAF*!
(*do yourself a favour)

Well done Phil.


  1. Phil's book looks very interesting! James, have you read it and readying a review?

  2. It does doesn't it? I haven't yet, but seeing Phil's report reminded me that it's one to get hold of and to read. Trouble is that I am already dozens 'behind' with my reading and reviews! :)

    1. Only dozens behind? Sounds like my situation. My reading list is stacked like cord wood! I rationalize it as "I'm saving up for retirement."

    2. Classic Jonathan!
      I like the ones with pictures and maps as then I can at least 'dip' into them. Better still the uniform books, which are regularly open while I try to paint some figures!
      I'm actually making a small dent 'at the moment'. Two reviews in note form and another book being read, making copious notes as I go along. I have this year down to get (several) reviews done and bring the reports of our games-past up to date, plus loads of painting, planning games... The joy of FWPs, hey?!

  3. Looks interesting and beautiful, and his latest report is superb!