Sunday, 21 October 2012

Links to our wargaming community

I spent my self-allocated blogging time this weekend updating the links on this blog. It's a slow and enjoyable 'job', checking all of those blogs, looking at some of the great posts that people have on them... leading to more links, comments and the like!

To see the revised list, please click on the tab Links: Wargames Blogs above.

One result of all this browsing is further links to Borodino games and other bicentennial activities on our 'sister' blog Wargaming Waterloo 2015.

Nothing to do with this post: French horse and Polish foot artillery

Still nothing to do with the post: Provisional Croatian Regiment

Nor this: Guard Artillery
I'd like the list of links to be as exhaustive as possible, at least regarding non-commercial, wargames blogs. Please let me know if a link to your blog, or one of your favourites, is missing. Also, please tell me if you'd like the description changed.

There are also some updates, mainly links to some sites relating to dioramas, under the tab Links: Wargaming Clubs, Militaria plus more


  1. ohh my god!! fantastic fantastic blog friends

    welcome to NapoleonSpanic fanatic 15mm

  2. thanks for added friends!!

    Its an honour

  3. Thanks for looking at and commenting on our blog.

    It is always great to have another wargaming blog started; especially one about Napoleonics!