Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Wonderful Blogs: New E-Friends Daily

These blogs are a wonderful addition to our hobby. The ability to see and read about other’s games and figures, to share ideas, to ask questions, to derive inspiration for one’s own wargaming activities and to expand one’s circle of wargaming ‘mates’ with another group; e-friends.
The blogosphere has delivered yet again, this time when we were contacted by a group of Napoleonic wargamers in the Czech Republic. I gather that they are relatively new to the hobby, but have written their own rules, the first set in Czech!
They have made a great start with painting their figures, but are not letting this hold them back, using a mixture of painted and unpainted figures in their impressive looking games. As a slow painter myself, I can understand that!
I recommend their blog to you, Napoleon Strategy game. Check it out!
(Gentleman, doufám, že jsem se udělala příliš mnoho chyb v interpretaci svůj blog!)


  1. One more time, you're right, that's a nice blog!

  2. Nice one James! Thanks for the link.

  3. Thanks James, I am off to have a look!

  4. Very neat find James - thanks!

  5. The interesting google translations of Czech aside, it is kind of exciting to see them start out where we once did decades ago - devising rules, reading history, buying (confronting apinting) models, playing games... and hopefully, having a heck of a lot of fun doing it!

  6. Greetings from The Czech Republic! I used to play Warhammer 40K for 5 years but stopped one year ago. As I wanted to play something very different I tried to fing some cool game with an interesting topic/theme and cheaper game than W40K. I realized that it is very easy to buy a lot of 1/72 napoleonic minies and started all the work about the game. Now, I can play a game which is inspired by historical facts... so there is some fun and additional new knowledge about the Napoleonic Wars... and that is fine...

    It is pity you are from "the other side" :-) of the world... too far away... it would be great to spend some time together. Ok, thank you very much for your attention... and you should come here to see the battlefield of Austerlitz :-)

    1. We may get to Austerlitz, one day...

      In the meantime we can enjoy sharing and communicating with one another and the e-friends above via these blogs!