Saturday, 20 July 2013

Battle of Rothenburg Day 2, 21st August 1813 (part 2)

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If so, read on...

The action moved from Board 1 to Board 2.

Or, more precisely it was half of Board 2 and half of Board 3.
The infantry of Oudinot's corps, Guilleminot's division on the left, Pacthod's in the centre and Raglowich's Bavarians at the right. It was the latter who faced the threat presented by the arrival of Blücher with Borosdin's Russian dragoons.

The "mad hussar" seemed to be in fine form though, as he ordered his troopers to turn to the east and by-pass the infantry.
The Bavarian batteries positioned to fire upon the dragoons as they passed by,

prompting the Kiev Dragoon Regiment to charge the closest of them.

Meanwhile, the Kargopol Dragoon Regiment charged the square of the 5th/7th Bavarian line (sometimes ya gotta do what ya dont wanna do!).

Wide-view of these events.

The Kiev dragoons were successful against the guns, but, as expected, the Kargopol dragoons failed against the square, also failing to rally before retreating off-board.

Meanwhile, the remainder of Oudinot's infantry continued their westward march...

protected by Raglowich's Bavarians.

As their colleagues charge towards d'Hurbal's French light cavalry (in the distance), the New Russia Dragoon Regiment is compelled to charge the square of the 5th/7th Bavarian line.

Borosdin's lead regiments of dragoons charge d'Hurbal's light cavalry.

The results. The the New Russia Dragoon Regiment failed against the square and their subsequent attempt to rally before heading off-board. All three French light cavalry regiments were bested by their Russian foes and they too failed to rally, so retreated off-board.

Guilleminot's and Pacthod's divisions reach the half-way mark of Board 3, so head off-board, while Raglowich's Bavarians follow as fast as they can.

d'Hurbal's remaining regiments confront Borosdin's dragoons

Looking west.

Guilleminot's and Pacthod's divisions have marched off-board. Raglowich's Bavarians, now in column, follow on.

As the last of Oudinot's infantry make their way to the second half of Board 3 and Blücher's cavalry head east in search of mounted foes, it is time to move back to Board 2.
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  1. Lights against heavies; not good fun!

    Unfortunately I added to the imbalance of cavalry in this campaign!

    1. I think it was Blucher's intention to strip off more of the French Cavalry during this engagement - he could not get the main body - so get what pickings you can ...