Thursday, 28 July 2016

Russia, if you are listening...

This should be the opening of all of your communications, written or verbal, for the rest of this week.

(It is gonna be a most amusing, if slightly bizarre, ride to that first Tuesday in November...)

Who knows, perhaps the modern Czar himself will drop by and leave a comment?!

In fact, with all of the page views being generated at present, that is a distinct possibility. Although he'll not be too impressed with the final outcome of our most recent offering, despite the better-than-history showing of the Russians in parts one, two and three!


  1. James, you are in fine form today!

  2. Cheers Jonathan, but I have to fess-up. The suggestion came from the (serious) news radio channel that I listen to in the morning (our time). They were doing the news round up and played a bit of young Dons speech. Afterwards the witty anchor lady said, we should preface everything today with that;
    "Russia, if you are listening, I'm off to work now"
    "Russia, if you are listening, I'll have a double-shot long black",
    and so on!

  3. Well, I don't know about your blog, but the Russians are certainly my main audience.