Saturday, 7 December 2013

Dawn at Talavera

It's dawn on 28th July 1809.

After an evening drive (a bit over 400 km) and setting up into the wee hours, we are ready for the big game today.

Here are a few photos of the set-up, for the record; and those who are interested!

 From the south, Pajar de Vergara closest to camera, Anglo-Spanish at left.
 From the north. Portiña Brook in the centre, Cero de Medellin at right-centre.
 McKenzie's "Amazons"!
 Looking over the Cero de Medellin at the French positions.
 And again
View from the south-west corner, showing the 'estate' that Mitch insisted on placing; it does look lovely though!


  1. Great looking battlefield!

  2. Looks very good lads - up and at 'em in the morning!!!

  3. I think you are heading for a lot of fun. Enjoy!


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