Saturday, 7 December 2013

Talavera: half time

It's 11:00 and we are having a bit of a break for "half-time"

The Serpentine boys put on a great show, thanks to John, Mitch, Neil and Dave, and the rules are going pretty well for the first real test. We are averaging an hour per hour (done in two 'part-turns'), which we reckon is good going.

The French have now attacked all along the line, so we expect to come to the critical point of the game soon.

Here are some photos of the situation at this point.

 The southern end, Portiña Brook towards the bottom, Anglo-Spanish at top
 Similar view, showing the southern table edge at right
 And again.
 Table centre, Cero de Medellin is just off photo to the right
 One more of a similar area
 A close-up of Victor encouraging Latour-Maubourg's cavalry to activate their orders.
 Cotton's cavalry; one of the remaining British 'plugs'.
 The centre from the Anglo-Spanish side.
 Looking from Cero de Medellin.
 Above and below: the Anglo-Spanish left flank to the north of Cero de Medellin.

To the south of Cero de Medellin.


  1. Looks like you are having a great game, looks like it will only take the allied line to break at one point and you will have lots of problems

    Exiting stuff


  2. Great looking game. Blogging as you play - that is some achievement!

  3. Very nice work gents - must say the terrain looks great and the aerial style views give a very good idea on troop dispositions and movements. Bit like "spider Cam" at the cricket ?

  4. The labels look handy - from what I can make out seem very Fire and Fury inspired.

    Great photography too.

  5. Crunch time cumming, it seems...

  6. It was fun doing the updates as we went along. I was spurred on by the comments from your good selves (and others) on the previous post. I trust that it was not too '#anky' doing such a thing?! I'm working on a full report, so hope to post that in a day or two.

    We really appreciated being able to be part of such a great looking, well planned and enjoyable game, so a big thanks to the Serpentine boys; John, Mitch, Neil (and Dave) for allowing us to join them (

    - Mark: well spotted. The rules that the fellas are developing, which they are calling 'Empire & Fury', are inspired by Empire and Fire & Fury, so they use the same type of labelling.

    - Carlo: I took the overhead shots using the octopus mini-tripod that I have. It has magnets on the bottom of the legs, so I tried it on the frame of John's overhead flouro light, merely twisting and clicking (blindly), hoping to take enough photos to make something out of them!

    - Peter: very droll!

  7. Hi James,

    some very nice pictures and a good read so far. It looks like a gorgous game and some great time you spent with it.

    I'm looking forward to the complete report.