Thursday, 23 August 2012

Spoilt For Choice: Wargaming Borodino 2012 (7)

Remember when the choice of figures was Airfix or Minifigs and little else? Those days are now a distant, nostalgic memory. We are truly spoilt for choice with a huge range of figures—be they of plastic or metal—produced by a large number of manufacturers. There are scales and sculpting styles to suit everyone. Or, like us, you can field figures from a range of manufacturers and enjoy the diversity.

To celebrate this diversity, the quality of figures available and excellent painting done by, principally, Mark, here are a few photos of figures, from different manufacturers, extracted from our Borodino battlefield.

Esci-Italeri Russian Infantry/Grenadiers, Zvezda Cossacks & Hat Dragoons
Esci-Italeri Russian Grenadiers
Hat Grenadiers & Horse Artillery Limber, Italeri Grenadiers, Zvezda Artillery & Ammunition Wagon 
Strelets Grenadiers in Greatcoats
Strelets Grenadiers in Greatcoats, Zvezda Grenadiers & Artillery 

Strelets Hussars & Hat Dragoons 
Ykreol French Infantry (painted as 1st Provisional Croatian Regiment
Zvezda Cossacks (Life Guard painted as Bug)
Zvezda Russian Grenadiers
Zvezda Russian Grenadiers (another photo)

Mars Dragoons, late uniform (this photo is actually from our Eylau game although the unit is on the Borodino table!)


  1. So many lovely minis! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks both. You should get your wish Rafa as I plan to post some more photos of the set-up before the game—I think of it as our version of 6th September 1812 when the armies largely faced-off one another, with some skirmishing

  3. Yes we are spoiled for choice compared with years ago; nice gallery!


  4. Thanks Peter. Of course, we can all think of many more we'd like the manufacturers to produce, can't we?! :)

  5. Ha ha yes my first Napoleonic armies were Airfix and some donated minifigs. :o)
    Nice looking figures look forward to seeing more.

  6. Hallo, I ve just googled some photos from this post and have not read the text yet. Well, what rules are you playing according to? Greetings from The Czech republic! We have a lot of painting in front of us... May I use some of your photos in my blog? To show my friends how great it is when painted? thank you yours, Vojtech (my blog: - just to see pics)

    1. Thank you for contacting us. I have added your blog to the list on ours, so hopefully others in our hobby will "find" it.

      Yes you may use our photos on your blog. We would be honoured, thank you for asking. Please add a link to say where they come from.

      Keep going with the painting! The end result is always worth the effort.
      (Apologies that I don't know Czech, here is a translation from Google translate. It may not be accurate!)

      (Omlouvám se, že nevím česky, tady je překlad z Google Translate. To nemusí být přesné!)
      Děkujeme, že jste se na nás obrátili. Jsem přidal svůj blog do seznamu na naše, takže doufejme, že ostatní v našem koníčku se "najít" to.

      Ano, můžete použít naše fotky na svém blogu. Byli bychom poctěni, děkuji za optání. Prosím, přidejte odkaz říct, odkud pocházejí.

      Pokračuj s obrazem!Konečným výsledkem je vždy stojí za námahu.)

    2. I forgot to say. We use Shako rules. Ours are a combination of the first edition, second edition and our own edits. See the posts about them here (
      We will put more about them on our blog later.

      (Od Google Translate: Zapomněl jsem říci. Používáme Shako pravidla. Ty naše jsou kombinací první vydání, druhé vydání, a naše vlastní úpravy. Viz příspěvky o nich zde (
      Dáme si o nich více na našem blogu později.)

    3. Well, thank you very much for your replay. We try to move on with painting, bud you know I have about 500 minies unpainted... and... this is really tough task to paint them all in a short time. Well, I have played W40K for 5 years and it is over now. I started to create my own napoleonic game... and it works. After one year of creating the rules, most of them (not all of them) are finished and the game is playable. And the best thing is that 6 other players (who knew nothing about my game a few months ago) joined me. It is a lot of work to do...
      Your painted minies are really cool! I ll choose some and post them on our blog. Thank you.

      Google translator did good job :-) Your Czech is perfect :-) Thank you. I ll be in touch, yours, Vojtech Mares aka Rybnik

    4. Ring the bell!!!

      Something very important happened in 1805 in my country (former Austro-Hungaria Emp., nowadays The Czech Republic) - Who knows! :-)

    5. That would be the Battle of Austerlitz, of course!