Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Revised List

I have recently re-arranged and expanded the list of links to included all of the wargaming blogs of which I am aware at present. I now have them all listed and will add a brief description over the next little while.

Is your blog in the list? Click on this link to our Links: Wargames Blogs page, or simply click on the tab above, to see and please let us know if it is not.

This will never be the definitive list, but we'd like this page to link to as many others in the wargaming "community" as possible. How long will this list get?!


  1. Thanks for the write up, James!

    1. A pleasure Ben, yours is such an interesting blog that is updated regularly—almost too regularly to keep up with sometimes! :)
      I think that I have 'grabbed' most of the links from your blog to others, haven't I?