Monday, 30 June 2014

1813: A fictitious post-armistice game—addendum

It seems that I called the game at an end prematurely.

The gents at SWAGS considered that it was too good a game to leave with an indecisive result, so have continued it on their regular Tuesday night meetings.

Our man on the spot, General Docturov, takes up the story.
We continued on with it and my Russians were doing quite well... I should mention that I rolled some 19s and 20s at crucial moments^. This did not help the morale of the French general.
I get the feeling that the Russian heavies did well again too, Jeremy!

^The Serpentine Group's Empire and Fury rules call for two x D10 for the dice rolls. Suffice to say that a high roll is good in a mêlée...

The Russian troops poised to attack the French centre.

Hopefully one of the SWAGS fellas will post a report of the final part of the game on their blog. Rest assured that I'll post a link here if/when they do.

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