Monday, 6 May 2013

ANF Figure Review (2)— Strelets Set 019 Russian Hussars

Perhaps nothing splits the devotees of 1/72nd plastics like Strelets figures. It seems that people either hate 'em or love 'em. I am firmly in the latter camp.

This set of Russian hussars is a fine example of what I like about the offerings from this manufacturer. The variety of interesting and animated poses, the chunky, rough style that can look pretty poor in the raw plastic, but paints up beautifully—as these examples from Mark show. The addition of the lances for the front rank of figures adds greatly to the visual effect—and their performance on the tabletop in games from 1812 on!

Our friends at the Plastic Soldier Review, who are usually luke-warm at best about the offerings from this manufacturer, give this set mainly 8s and 9s out of 10 for their five ratings (although only a 7 for sculpting).

ANF rating: 9 Napoleons
Photo gallery

Alexandria & Belarus hussars
Alexandria hussars
Belarus hussars
... and another view—lance in the front rank
Suom hussars 
...from the other side
They put those 'pointed sticks' to good use, seeing off a 'blown' unit of cuirassiers
This was repeated by the Alexandria hussars, thanks to a timely '6' against  a  '2' (broken cuirassiers in the distance, heading off-table!)
...but those Belarus boys were less successful!


  1. The plastics always look amazing.

    For me it is the feel once I pick them up, like dust they are ...

    Your painting is very detailed as the sculpts appear to have the details all included.

  2. That's very interesting! I don't collect plastics so my only reference is the Plastic Soldier Review but I've always had a suspicion that Stretlets would look much better painted. Your figures look wonderful and the variety of poses makes for good looking units.

  3. These Hussars are looking great!

  4. Thanks gents. The painting is more of Mark's fine work.

    1. You can tell looking at them that the sculpting is indeed a bit "rough"; OTOH, for 20 years my Napoleonic armies were mostly Scruby figures, and the sculpting here is well superior to any of those... and they looked pretty OK en masse on the wargames table. I don't do plastic myself, but I do have a lot of Old Glory figures. Those are better sculpted than these, but not quite up to the standard of some other 235's/28's. S%till, they look good individually, and on the table at 1-2 feet away, there is little to choose between them and figures costing three times as much.

      The variety of poses in this set is especially impressive - if were doing them,%I'd get a bunch of packs and partially segregate them by pose(s). Heck, at the price of plastic, why not do every one of the glorious Russian Hussar units? :-)