Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Wargaming Borodino 2012 (4)

We have now 95% completed our terrain for Borodino and are pleased with the result.

Cutting and painting the hills

Casualties of wargaming

The last five percent to complete includes:
  • one last check of any areas for re-flocking,
  • re-doing a couple of hills for which we stuffed up the scale—the Utitsa Mound is currently a grassy knoll!,
  • add the Borodino Church (we’ll try a scratch built one and will purchase one if we don’t get it to our liking), and
  • place the woods.
We will get together sometime over the next couple of weeks to finish this.
Terence Wise's article about his refight of Borodino at 1:100 in Battle Magazine circa 1978


  1. It seems that we are in Russia...very nice work!

  2. Looking very good! This is much more elaborate a production than we'll be doing for the terrain for our own Borodino presentation in a little over 2 weeks, which hopefully will still look very nice. I look forward to seeing the completed battlefield!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging comments gents. We are hoping that the 'squares' will be flexible enough for use with other battles. We need to make three 'blanks' so that we are not stuck with always having a river or trying to cover it up.
    Once again Peter, all the best for your games at Historicon. I hope that everyone appreciates the huge effort that you have all put in. It will be great to see the photos once the dust has settled.

  4. I am left wondering why on earth I and my friends didn't adopt this terrain method in the seventies. I think the answer was probably that we only had 6' x 4' available and a baize with books underneath was sufficient. I remember producing a moonbase with my father using polystyrene but that was all.

    Now though I am wholly converted. The commercially available polystyrene is inexpensive, it seems, sturdy, and the acrylic paints work superbly on it. We will produce a desert in due course I am sure!